9/11 Conspirator? Was Ari Fleischers picture used for a Passenger of Fl# 11? – Let’s Roll Forums

9/11 CRIMINAL? Was Ari Fleischers picture used for a Passenger of Fl# 11? – Let’s Roll Forums.

It’s strange how some of the victims bear such strong resemblances to notable people. Could someone have taken photos of these people and tweaked them with some sort of photo morphing software?

YouTube- 3D morphable model face animation @ youtube; See it here, below;

There needs to be a real investigation into this to get to the bottom of it once and for all. Someone needs to verify that all these people really existed, and lay this thing to rest once and for all.

Whats in a Carefully Prepared Alias – Was Ari Fleischer’s picture used for Flight 11 passenger Michael Theodoridis?
by; Phil Jayhan

This is getting more bizarre as we research the passengers themselves. Let me first state emphatically that we are not making any claims, and are only asking these disturbing questions about the passengers because we feel compelled by the evidence to do so. For those of you who have followed the Mike Rivero/John J. Wenckus look-a-like story, this might not come as the total shock it will to some. While doing research trying to figure out how many millionaires were on the 4 flights, I was looking through the passenger profiles, and their biographies and pictures, I stumbled upon John J. Wenckus, an alleged passenger from Flight 11. And as I was clicking on the next biography, had the feeling I had seen this man before or knew him in some way other than being a dead passenger. So I clicked back, and looked at the picture a little longer, before it came to me who he resembled. Mike Rivero from the internationally known website, http://www.whatreallyhappened.com.

This might not be as odd as it appears, especially when you discover that Mike Rivero, prior to his film career in Hollywood, worked at NASA developing advanced image processing tools for the Viking Missions to Mars. Mike Rivero retired from NASA after working there for 25 years according to his online bio, and at IMDB says he has over 30 years experience in visual design and production. (Internet Movie Database)

[quote]SUMMARY: Over thirty years experience in film/TV production, visual effects design and production, and supervision.

Original link
:[/quote]So I pulled up a picture of Mike Rivero and was instantly astonished at the near identical natures of these two men. And I mean nearly 100% identical. Sure enough, John Wenckus has a darker complexion, and smiles, something which not surprisingly, Mike Rivero doesn’t often do. And the bottom of his face is a tad chubbier than that of Rivero. Other than that, the two men are, in my opinion, perfectly identical. That discovery led me and many others here into a deeper search among the passenger faces which we had all ignored for so long. Let it be known that the first apparent passenger found is Barbara Olson, who appears to be back from the grave and who also re-married Ted Olson last summer. If confirmed, Mike Rivero would be the 2nd alleged passenger from 9/11 to be discovered among the living. And oddly enough, is an alleged 9/11 patriot, now demanding to know “what really happened” on 9/11. If this isn’t one of the top 10 ironies of all time, I don’t know what would be. So, having laid the groundwork for the first 2 alleged passengers now among the living, we have found another, a 3rd alleged passenger who also appears to have escaped the near certain death grip of Muslim fundamentalists on 9/11.

There is no doubt that these two men look nearly identical. The question is whether Lawrence Ari Fleischer (born October 13, 1960) and who was the former White House Press Secretary for U.S. President George W. Bush from January, 2001 to July, 2003, and Michael Theodoridis of Boston MA, are the same person – or do they look exceedingly similar? While it is certainly possible with plastic surgery and the theft of an identity that this could happen, it is also possible that Michael Theodoridis and Ari Fleischer are simply near identical look-a-likes. And something else to consider, is in some of these cases, plastic surgery can be done to the photographs, rather than the actual people. Facial moles removed, slight changes made to the eyes and eyelids. Nose features slightly changed. Everyone here has a fairly good idea of how relatively easy this is to do for those with the skills and software. All that is needed is a little bit of imagination when looking at the pictures.

Still Developing – More to come, stay tuned!

Ari Fleischers new business; See link below;


Google Images:

From left to right:

Ari Fleischer – White House Spokesman – Michael Theodoridis – alleged Passenger from flight 11 – Ari Fleischer, Darker Complexion

While researching this, I came across this discovery on 911myths.com and felt it noteworthy.

[quote]Original link:

73 — 35C?

Michael Theodoridis? (???)

Name almost completely obscured on our list, however appears to match Theodoridis, and the seating position reported by the Boston Globe

2.One of the passenger names has been almost deleted, with only the very lowest portion of each letter remaining visible. It appears to be Michael Theodoridis, named as a passenger on other sites, but we cannot be completely sure of that.

[/quote]It does appear that early on someone was trying to possibly undo a bad decision made before 9/11, and try to erase the name of Michael Theodoridis. But after 9 years now, it would be hard to track or research or find out who, although the why would be obvious.

Consultant Michael Theodoridis, 32, of Boston, and his wife, Rahma Salie, 28, are shown in this undated family photo. The two were passengers aboard American Airlines Flight 11. (AP Photo/Family Handout)

Mix & Match

Notice in this video, how Ari’s second cheek line comes and goes according to the stretching of his face and width of his smile. It goes from one cheek line to two cheek-lines. This short video of Ari Fleischer also has some good side shots of Ari Fleischer which are hard to come by;

Ari Fleischer in an undated photograph with Dawn Eden. Another person of interest.

More will be added tomorrow. This story was rushed due to circumstance. Remember, a carefully crafted alias can be a variety of things. We don’t know who these people are, nor do we know their past, nor does a photograph tell a whole story.

The point of this story is that we simply do not know anything about the passengers. We do not know if they boarded planes. We do not know if passengers even showed up at the airports. We do not know if a single passenger flew that day. We do not know if the passengers are alive. Or dead. We do not even know if all the passengers were real living people or creations of Identity fiction. We do not know if they used recently, or in some cases, not so recent dead peoples identities.We do not know why only 130 families of the passengers received money from the official 911 victims compensation fund. And we do not know how many of those alleged people allegedly flying on the 4 flights were carefully crafted dual identities,as it appears might be the case with John J Wenckus and Mike Rivero. I have not crossed over into any theory in this thread.

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People Are Whistling in Wind if Jesuit and Vatican Connection to the New World Order and U.S. Government Remains Hidden

Posted by: Phil Jayhan, March 31st, 2007

Original link: http://www.arcticbeacon.com/articles/1-Apr-2007.html



People Are Whistling in Wind if Jesuit and Vatican Connection to the New World Order and U.S. Government Remains Hidden


Why do all politicians and influential media figures in the mainstream and the alternative run for the hills when the “V word” is mentioned?


By Greg Szymanski

April 1, 2007


People are just whistling in the wind and following false information when it comes to trying to stop fascism in America without addressing the New World Order connection with the Vatican and its henchmen in the Jesuit Order.


According to credible researchers not afraid to touch the Vatican connection, there is no hope at saving freedom in this country and around the world unless the Vatican and Jesuit Order are exposed.


Then why do the mainstream media, most in the alternative media and every single last politician on Capitol Hill avoid the Vatican connection like the plague?


The reason many truth-telling Christians give is that “all roads lead to Rome” and people in positions of power in the media and government are paid to protect the real perpetrators of evil – The Vatican and especially the Jesuit Order.


Ask why people like Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and all the CNN and MSNBC commentators never mention the Vatican? Ask why supposed friend of the people and Presidential candidate Ron Paul and Rep. Cynthia McKinney never mention the Vatican? Ask why big shot radio broadcasters in the alternative media like Alex Jones never mention the Vatican?


Furthermore, why don’t people in Hollywood like Charlie Sheen and Rosie O’Donnell, who have supposedly come-out for 9/11 truth, never mention Vatican and Jesuit ties to New World Order and Illuminati terror?


The reason is very simple according to a number of truth-telling patriots: The reason is they all are either uninformed, cowards or working with the Jesuits and Vatican, protecting their evil ways while laughing at Americans all the way to the bank.


Furthermore, why won’t any of the above-mentioned political and media figures enter in an intelligent debate about the Vatican’s wealth and control over U.S. foreign and policy? Ask yourself if Ron Paul is really working for you, the people of America, why does he run for the hills when the Vatican question is raised?


First Eric Phelps, who has gone on the record saying Rep. Paul works for the Vatican-led NWO since both the control of the political left and right is Jesuit strategy working at its best. In the following emails he addresses Avro Manhattan and broadcaster Alex Jones as well as Hutton and Mel Gibson:


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Who Really Controls The 9/11 Truth Conferences And Are Americans Really Getting The Full Story?

Upside Down Cross - Sign of the Anti-Christ - Sign of Rome

911 Archive

Who Really Controls The 9/11 Truth Conferences And Are Americans Really Getting The Full Story?

Speculation abounds about who really caused 9/11, but why is the Vatican/Jesuit connection conveniently left out of the debate in big conferences like Chicago and the upcoming one this month in Arizona?

By Greg Szymanski
14 Feb 2007

The Arctic Beacon, as well as other credible truth outlets, have compiled sufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the government story about 9/11 is bogus and that a cover-up exists to keep the true cause of the mass murder from the American people. Hard evidence complied in the last five years, however, has never been properly addressed by the 9/11 Commission and has never been brought before a proper court of law or even a Grand Jury.

Furthermore, the debate about 9/11 truth still remains in the court of public opinion, as the 9/11 truth movement, which goes from city to city every few months with a large conference, has been unfortunately infiltrated by numerous pysops agents working for the Vatican-led New World Order. The intention of these agents is to control the 9/11 debate as well as steer information from the true culprits. What this means is that a “lot of hot air” is blown around at these so-called truth conferences, but very little progress is made at getting at the real perpetrators.

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Saint Bartholomews Day Massacre – August 24th, 1572

Upside Down Cross - Sign of the Anti-Christ - Sign of Rome

The Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre.

Translate into: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese

Last updated Feb. 24, 2002

Believe it or not…..the ancient Irish records talk about a “Senior Patrick” who died on August 24, 465. This, we believe, is the home-going date of the Real St. Patrick versus March 17 for the death of Palladius!!

The Scots (Irish) missionaries had great success in France during the Dark Ages. One of the greatest, Johannis Scotus Erigena, was founder of the University of Paris.

An Eyewitness Account of the Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre

An Eyewitness Account of the Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre
by François Dubois
From the Musée Cantonal Des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne Switzerland

August 24, 1572, was the date of the infamous St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre in France. On that day, over 400 years ago, began one of the most horrifying holocausts in history. The glorious Reformation, begun in Germany on October 31, 1517, had spread to Franceand was joyfully received. A great change had come over the people as industry and learning began to flourish, and so rapidly did the Truth spread that over a third of the population embraced the Reformed Christian Faith.However, alarm bells began to ring at the Vatican! France was her eldest daughter and main pillarthe chief source of money and power. . . . King Pepin of the Franks (the father of Charlemagne) had given the Papal States to the Pope almost 1000 years earlier. Almost half the real estate in the country was owned by the clergy.Meanwhile, back in Paris, the King of France and his Court spent their time drinking, reveling and carousing. The Court spiritual advisera Jesuit priest urged them to massacre the Protestantsas penance for their many sins! To catch the Christians off-guard every token of peace, friendship, and ecumenical good will was offered.Suddenlyand without warningthe devilish work commenced.

SuddenlyBeginning at Paris, the French soldiers and the Roman Catholic clergy fell upon the unarmed people, and blood flowed like a river throughout the entire country. Men, women, and children fell in heaps before the mobs and the bloodthirsty troops. In one week, almost 100,100 Protestants perished.The rivers of France were so filled with corpses that for many months no fish were eaten. In the valley of the Loire, wolves came down from the hills to feel upon the decaying bodies of Frenchmen. The list of massacres was as endless as the list of the dead!Many were imprisonedmany sent as slaves to row the King’s shipsand some were able to escape to other countries. . . . The massacres continued for centuries. The best and brightest people fled to Germany, Switzerland, England, Ireland and eventually America and brought their incomparable manufacturing skills with them. . . . France was ruined. . . . Wars, famine, disease and poverty finally led to the French Revolutionthe Guillotinethe Reign of Terrorthe fall of the Roman Catholic Monarchyatheismcommunism etc., etc.When news of the Massacre reached the Vatican there was jubilation! Cannons roaredbells rungand a special commemorative medal was struckto honor the occasion! The Pope commissioned Italian artist Vasari to paint a mural of the Massacrewhich still hangs in the Vatican!

Medal struck by Emperor Gregory XIII (1572-85) to commemorate the slaughter of over 100,000 French Christians!!

Medal struck by Emperor Gregory XIII (1572-85) to commemorate the slaughter of over 100,000 French Christians!!

Please watch this interview with an Ex Jesuit from the Roman Papacy, as well as many other first hand witnesses of their babarity and dark plans for the World…


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Jesuit Trained Legislators Total 10% of U.S House And Senate. Names Are Listed Below

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Jesuit Trained Legislators Total 10% of U.S House And Senate. Names Are Listed Below

Papal Rome has been likened to a huge Arctic iceberg with 10% of its mass above the water, like the numbers reflected on Capitol Hill, and the rest of them hidden in blackness below the waterline, fostering evil around the world.

By Greg Szymanski
13 Feb 2007
If you think the Jesuit Order doesn’t have a strong foothold in Congress, think again. Noted for infiltrating governments and religious organizations around the world and having been thrown out of numerous countries over the centuries, the Society of Jesus led by top Satanist in Rome, Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach, now has its evil eye focused on America.

They are disguised quite well by the cloth of Jesus, but don’t be fooled these evil and ruthless men pulling the New World Order strings, have killed Presidents, including Lincoln and JFK and would not blink an eye to kill anyone who seriously gets in the way of the their New World Order agenda. The agenda, of course, is well-known, being total fascism in America with a systematic plan of terrorism, leading to a genocide of the Christian, Muslim and Jewish people.

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