PRESS RELEASE: World Trade Center Occupancy FOIA PANYNJ * 1972-2001 – Let’s Roll Forums

PRESS RELEASE: World Trade Center Occupancy FOIA PANYNJ * 1972-2001 – Let’s Roll Forums.


World Trade Center Occupancy FOIA * 1972-2001
by; Dave Cole, Larry McWilliams & Phil Jayhan



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The following link is to a spreadsheet that the Lets Roll Forums obtained through a FOIA request made by Dave Cole. What we requested from the Port Authority of New York New Jersey was in essence a surprise occupancy audit of the World Trade Center. What we requested;

1. A complete listing of all occupants of the world trade center, from the time they were finished to the time they went private, in 2001.

2. Listing of occupants by floor and by space

3. Listing of occupants leases, with the start and end dates of those leases.

What we received back was shocking and in no way anticipated. Please open this spreadsheet now in another browser tab, so you can have this open and go back and forth as your reading this story. (right click, open link in new tab)

LETS ROLL PRESS RELEASE: World Trade Center Occupancy FOIA * 1972-2001

*** We make no claims other then these below. Another FOIA will be sent within the next few days, at which time we will then audit this list that we received against the new FOIA request for the same thing.



You might be surprised to discover that floor 7 of the North World Trade Center went completely unoccupied throughout the entire life of the building and was only rented out for the first time on 11/23/1998.

Floor 7 was the floor directly above the lobby of each tower, in essence, it is floor #1, from street level. Floor 7 was prime real estate, as the rent was more expensive in the towers as you went higher. The prestige value. Thus floor 7 was far cheaper then floor 89.

For 26 years, floor 7 of the North Tower was totally vacant. From 1972 until 1998. This also means that during the 1993 bombing that this floor was completely unoccupied. Larry will touch on this in a follow up post as he spent dozens and dozens of hours scouring these sheets with regards to the 1993 bombing vs. occupancy, and it is a top notch story all in it’s own.

This long streak of unoccupancy for floor 7 would come to a halt on November 23, 1998, when LANDMARK EDUCATION CORPORATION moved into suite #118. We were told through various sources that the world trade center had occupancy issues through the years, and suppose this highlights that issue. In summary floor #7 was unoccupied for 26 years, and not a single time in those 26 years did one of the elevators crack open on that floor, except for maintenance. Imagine the very first floor above the lobby as you walk into those magnificent buildings having cold bare unfinished floors for 26 years. No lights, no activity whatsoever. A dead floor.


Sometimes when things are just so bad, a billionaire needs to step in to save the day. Word must have finally reached David Rockefeller in 1993 that his precious Twins were repulsive real estate that apparently no one wanted, so he had his Bank, BANK OF AMERICA CORP. move into floors 9 & 10 of the North Tower in October and December of 1993, some 21 years after the WTC completion ceremonies. (lines 4 & 5 on the spreadsheet)

Floor 9, Suite 901 – 10/8/1993
Floor 10, Suite 1001 – 12/5/1993

**The World Trade Center bombing happened on February 26, 1993 for your information.

So lets recap here for a moment. The North Tower (think antenna, as it is the tower with the antenna) The North Tower, floor 7, went totally unoccupied until November of 1998, 26 years of vacancy.

While floors 9-10 went totally unoccupied until late 1993, some 21 years of total vacancy, this bad spell of hard WTC luck would finally be broken by a merciful billionaire who we are told moved some of his Bank of America offices into the world trade center.

This also means that for 28 years the elevators never once stopped at floor 7 of the world trade center, and the same goes for floors 9 and 10 until late 1993. These would have been closed floors and the elevators couldn’t have even stopped, being electronically locked out. If I don’t have your attention by now, it only gets better, just give it a little more time.

Floor 11 of the North Tower went totally unoccupied until 1993, when David Rockefeller would step in again to save the day and pave the way by moving yet more Bank of America offices into the north tower. (line 11 of the WTC FOIA occupancy sheet) Please see lines 6 through 15 to see the other corporations we are told that followed David Rockefeller’s charge. 8 other companies total we are told.

We are also starting to see another pattern here, something which Larry researched and made known and will also be following up this post with. So far, during the 1993 bombing, floors 7-9-10 & 11 are unoccupied.

ALL ABOARD! Next stop – Floor 12

The elevators never stopped at floor 12 of the north tower until David Rockefeller stepped in yet again to save the day on 9/13/1993, again, after the 1993 bombing. Bank of America would be the only alleged occupant of floor 12 during the entire life of the structure. Floor 12 went totally unoccupied for 21 years. (Reference line 16 of Occupancy FOIA)

So now, at the time of the 1993 bombing, floors 7-9-10-11 & 12 were totally unoccupied. Are you wondering how long this pattern will continue?

Nobody likes being on floor 13, the unlucky floor. And it wasn’t any different at world trade north tower 1. David Rockefeller would step in to save the day yet again by moving more of his corporate offices into wtc 1, floor 13, on 4/8/1994.

And also into floor 14 on 10/7/1994. Both floors 13 and 14 went totally unoccupied and vacant until 4/8/1994, the elevators never stopping there until then, we are to presume. Also after the 1993 bombing. So far we have floors 7-9-10-11-12-13 & 14 totally unoccupied at the time of the 1993 wtc bombing. And for the better part of the life of the towers as well.


Now that I whet your appetite, and set Larry up for his following story, lets press the elevator and go back down to the lobby and stroll on over to the South Tower and take a ride up to the top this time, stopping at floors 104, where we were told AON Corp and Sandler Oneill & Partners had offices. Please scroll down to line 906 and 907 on the Occupancy FOIA.

Whats missing from this FOIA occupancy sheet? If your looking at lines 906 and 907, you should be seeing the name Sandler Oneill & Partners. Yet they are not listed. We requested in this FOIA all occupants of the world trade center, from the time they went up to the time they became private, 6 weeks prior to 9/11. Sandler Oneill & Partners are strangely absent from the list of occupants that had leases. They never had a lease. Go ahead and scour those sheets, feel free, you will not find them. The problem this raises immediately is how did 66 of their 171 employee’s perish in a buiding that they never held a lease at during the entire life of the building?

Larry discovered this. And this is the most singular significant discovery in this FOIA. A Corporation alleged to have lost 66 of its 171 employee’s that never had a lease with the NYPANJ.

The average payout from the victims compensation fund (VCF) was roughly 2 million dollars. This means at minimum Sandler Oneill and Partners “employee’s” received roughly 132 million dollars from the government VCF.

And probably a whole lot more because the average payout of the VCF was 2 million. This means some were much higher, and some much lower. The higher paid executives received more compensation the way the fund was set up. The more they made, the more their family, in theory would receive.

The strangeness certainly doesn’t end there for floor 104, WTC 1. We find on the Occupancy FOIA a corporation which isn’t listed in most, if any of the other official lists made public through the years, at wiki and such.


SHEARSON/LEHMAN BROS – Ring a bell anyone?

Many people are not aware that there was other emergency relief funds set up by the government after 911 besides the victims compensation fund. (VCF) The victim compensation fund was 7 billion dollars. There was also another much larger fund called the Business Compensation Fund. (BCF)

There is probably good reason that you weren’t aware of this fund. And that’s because of its sheer size. 38.4 billion dollars was set aside for WTC corporations by government and insurance companies. This makes the total combined worth of both government funds to be roughly 46 billion dollars. The largest recipients of these funds were of course, investment Bankers. It was a pre-cursor to the leave no bank behind act Bush and Obama would later set up. And went to many of the same corporations.

The mystery here with Shearson/Lehman of course is why they are not listed on most, or possibly any of the public lists that were peddled to us after 9/11 yet listed on this Occupancy FOIA?

See note below. Sandler Oneill is listed at wiki. To see the link it is below picture.

NOTE: Sandler Oneill and Partners are listed here at Wiki, though they are absent from the above picture.

South Tower – (No antenna) WTC 2

According the Occupancy FOIA, AON Corp occupied 8 floors total in WTC 2, South Tower. 98-105 (please reference lines 895 to 909 of the occupancy FOIA) AON shared only floors 101 – 105 with Shearson/Lehman, with Shearson/Lehman alleged to have also occupied floor 106 by itself.

Now for another jaw dropping eye opener; Lets dissect this Occupancy FOIA a different way now. Lets look at some of the high upper floors and see when the first time this prime NY office space was leased;


Floor 86: FOIA line #514 – WORLD TELEPORT ASSOCIATION – 7/1/1998
Floor 87: FOIA line #521 – LT LAWRENCE & CO.,INC. – 1/15/1998
Floor 88: FOIA line #526 – P.A.(WORLD TRADE CENTER) – 8/1/1999
Floor 89: FOIA line #535 – CIIC GROUP (U.S.A.) LTD. – 2/17/1994
Floor 90: FOIA line #551 – CHUGOKU BANK, LTD. – 9/1/1991
Floor 91: FOIA line #561 – NEW JAPAN SECURITIES RESEARCH – 6/1/1990
Floor 92: FOIA line #567 – CARR FUTURES, INC. – 2/1/1998
Floor 93: FOIA line #568 – FRED ALGER MANAGEMENT, INC. – 6/1/1998
Floor 94: FOIA line #570 – J&H MARSH & MCLENNAN, INC. – 9/1/1998
Floor 95: FOIA line #571 – J&H MARSH & MCLENNAN, INC. – 9/1/1998
Floor 96: FOIA line #572 – J&H MARSH & MCLENNAN, INC. – 9/1/1998
Floor 97: FOIA line #573 – J&H MARSH & MCLENNAN, INC. – 11/1/1998
Floor 98: FOIA line #574 – J&H MARSH & MCLENNAN, INC. – 11/1/1998
Floor 99: FOIA line #575 – J&H MARSH & MCLENNAN, INC. – 11/1/1998
Floor 100: FOIA line #576 – J&H MARSH & MCLENNAN, INC. – 11/1/1998
Floor 101: FOIA line #577 – CANTOR FITZGERALD SECURITIES – 9/1/1997
Floor 102: FOIA line #578 – LOWER MANHA CULTURAL COUNC – 9/1/1997
Floor 103: FOIA line #579 – CANTOR FITZGERALD SECURITIES – 9/1/1997
Floor 104: FOIA line #580 – CANTOR FITZGERALD SECURITIES – 9/1/1997
Floor 105: FOIA line #581 – CANTOR FITZGERALD SECURITIES – 4/1/1979
Floor 106: FOIA line #597 – WINDOWS ON THE WORLD – 12/15/1994
Floor 107: FOIA line #598 – WINDOWS ON THE WORLD – 10/1/1999
Lets Roll Forums Table Created by; Phil Jayhan –

This same cross section from the South Tower will be added to the story tomorrow.

Occupancy Issues:

What this shows us is something far different then we were told and sold. We have been told through various sources that their were occupancy issues with the twins and that they also had their highest occupancy at the time of the attacks, which we are told was at 95% occupancy.

We were never informed that the most prime real estate in New York City, in both Towers, never leased until a year or two before 9/11, in most cases. Why? Because it would have been extremely suspicious to people, especially since all of the controversy the PTB knew would be after 9/11.

Had they told us this, we would have started investigating the companies at the WTC and questioning their alleged employee losses a lot sooner then 9 years out.


How is it possible, especially considering what happened with the world trade center, to see that all of the upper floors were leased only a few years prior to 9/11? That’s an incredible expanse of time, 26 years in most case, some 28 years, where for instance floor 88 had bare floors and no tenants until 1999. The elevators in the north tower never stopped at floor 88 until mid 1999. Might I ask at this time how it is possible that any lights were ever on on floor 88 before 1999? The entire tops of these towers should have been darkened at night between the years 1972 and 1997-98.

There were no tenants. No tenants means no lights and dark floors, both during the day and at night, as lights in the WTC were visible in both daytime and night.

This has all the appearances that the companies were moved into the towers at the very end for the very purpose of 9/11. Either in reality or on paper. These towers were nearly unoccupied for their entire life, and then miraculously found a 95% occupancy heart beat on in 2001, just prior to 9/11.


This is one of those paradigm changers. What you know of the world trade center is a legend that was created and manufactured for your consumption. Any of the documentaries that were created prior to 9/11, about the world trade center, were created by the “builders” of the WTC, and made to create and sell a manufactured legend. The legend was that there were 50,000 people who worked in these towers by and large, for the better part of their life, as they were designed and built for. AS you have just seen, this isn’t even remotely close to being true.

Between Dave Cole, (kawika) Larry McWilliams and myself, we have spent hundreds of hours studying this occupancy FOIA request over the last 6 months or so, and we haven’t even scratched the surface yet. We would like to request that all of you as a group take lots of time studying this so that collectively we miss nothing. This FOIA is a goldmine. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, a mine that never runs dry. We believe that we have given you an accurate overview of the material so that you will know and be able to scour the spreadsheet as we did and know how to spot things. We need all of your help.

To say that there were occupancy issues is a gross understatement. The official story seems more then just a little bit hollow.

Phil Jayhan, Dave Cole & Larry McWilliams

Note: This story is the result of the FOIA we obtained and many months of research and thoughtful dissection of the material with many phone calls and off the charts collaboration.

Radio Shows – Jim Fetzer. Deanna Spingola, Debbie Lewis:

*** IMPORTANT: Please use this link below for visual aids while listening to the interviews;

9/11 World Trade Center Props
World Trade Center Publicity Stunts:
Exif/IPTC Metadata:

Video: Fraudulence on 9/11
Death Certificate #0001:
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The Hollow Towers & Pre-Demolition of WTC:
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Revisiting the World Trade Center Phone Calls:

Fireman Actors on 9/11:
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Flight 11 Frauds:
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    Gatekeepers of the Alternate Media:

    Pending Research Requests from Lets Roll Members:
    MISC: Great Research Links on this Material above:
    Former Stickies for the Hussled Masses:
    9/11 Related Murders:

    9/11 Conspirator? Was Ari Fleischers picture used for a Passenger of Fl# 11? – Let’s Roll Forums

    9/11 CRIMINAL? Was Ari Fleischers picture used for a Passenger of Fl# 11? – Let’s Roll Forums.

    It’s strange how some of the victims bear such strong resemblances to notable people. Could someone have taken photos of these people and tweaked them with some sort of photo morphing software?

    YouTube- 3D morphable model face animation @ youtube; See it here, below;

    There needs to be a real investigation into this to get to the bottom of it once and for all. Someone needs to verify that all these people really existed, and lay this thing to rest once and for all.

    Whats in a Carefully Prepared Alias – Was Ari Fleischer’s picture used for Flight 11 passenger Michael Theodoridis?
    by; Phil Jayhan

    This is getting more bizarre as we research the passengers themselves. Let me first state emphatically that we are not making any claims, and are only asking these disturbing questions about the passengers because we feel compelled by the evidence to do so. For those of you who have followed the Mike Rivero/John J. Wenckus look-a-like story, this might not come as the total shock it will to some. While doing research trying to figure out how many millionaires were on the 4 flights, I was looking through the passenger profiles, and their biographies and pictures, I stumbled upon John J. Wenckus, an alleged passenger from Flight 11. And as I was clicking on the next biography, had the feeling I had seen this man before or knew him in some way other than being a dead passenger. So I clicked back, and looked at the picture a little longer, before it came to me who he resembled. Mike Rivero from the internationally known website,

    This might not be as odd as it appears, especially when you discover that Mike Rivero, prior to his film career in Hollywood, worked at NASA developing advanced image processing tools for the Viking Missions to Mars. Mike Rivero retired from NASA after working there for 25 years according to his online bio, and at IMDB says he has over 30 years experience in visual design and production. (Internet Movie Database)

    [quote]SUMMARY: Over thirty years experience in film/TV production, visual effects design and production, and supervision.

    Original link
    :[/quote]So I pulled up a picture of Mike Rivero and was instantly astonished at the near identical natures of these two men. And I mean nearly 100% identical. Sure enough, John Wenckus has a darker complexion, and smiles, something which not surprisingly, Mike Rivero doesn’t often do. And the bottom of his face is a tad chubbier than that of Rivero. Other than that, the two men are, in my opinion, perfectly identical. That discovery led me and many others here into a deeper search among the passenger faces which we had all ignored for so long. Let it be known that the first apparent passenger found is Barbara Olson, who appears to be back from the grave and who also re-married Ted Olson last summer. If confirmed, Mike Rivero would be the 2nd alleged passenger from 9/11 to be discovered among the living. And oddly enough, is an alleged 9/11 patriot, now demanding to know “what really happened” on 9/11. If this isn’t one of the top 10 ironies of all time, I don’t know what would be. So, having laid the groundwork for the first 2 alleged passengers now among the living, we have found another, a 3rd alleged passenger who also appears to have escaped the near certain death grip of Muslim fundamentalists on 9/11.

    There is no doubt that these two men look nearly identical. The question is whether Lawrence Ari Fleischer (born October 13, 1960) and who was the former White House Press Secretary for U.S. President George W. Bush from January, 2001 to July, 2003, and Michael Theodoridis of Boston MA, are the same person – or do they look exceedingly similar? While it is certainly possible with plastic surgery and the theft of an identity that this could happen, it is also possible that Michael Theodoridis and Ari Fleischer are simply near identical look-a-likes. And something else to consider, is in some of these cases, plastic surgery can be done to the photographs, rather than the actual people. Facial moles removed, slight changes made to the eyes and eyelids. Nose features slightly changed. Everyone here has a fairly good idea of how relatively easy this is to do for those with the skills and software. All that is needed is a little bit of imagination when looking at the pictures.

    Still Developing – More to come, stay tuned!

    Ari Fleischers new business; See link below;

    Google Images:

    From left to right:

    Ari Fleischer – White House Spokesman – Michael Theodoridis – alleged Passenger from flight 11 – Ari Fleischer, Darker Complexion

    While researching this, I came across this discovery on and felt it noteworthy.

    [quote]Original link:

    73 — 35C?

    Michael Theodoridis? (???)

    Name almost completely obscured on our list, however appears to match Theodoridis, and the seating position reported by the Boston Globe

    2.One of the passenger names has been almost deleted, with only the very lowest portion of each letter remaining visible. It appears to be Michael Theodoridis, named as a passenger on other sites, but we cannot be completely sure of that.

    [/quote]It does appear that early on someone was trying to possibly undo a bad decision made before 9/11, and try to erase the name of Michael Theodoridis. But after 9 years now, it would be hard to track or research or find out who, although the why would be obvious.

    Consultant Michael Theodoridis, 32, of Boston, and his wife, Rahma Salie, 28, are shown in this undated family photo. The two were passengers aboard American Airlines Flight 11. (AP Photo/Family Handout)

    Mix & Match

    Notice in this video, how Ari’s second cheek line comes and goes according to the stretching of his face and width of his smile. It goes from one cheek line to two cheek-lines. This short video of Ari Fleischer also has some good side shots of Ari Fleischer which are hard to come by;

    Ari Fleischer in an undated photograph with Dawn Eden. Another person of interest.

    More will be added tomorrow. This story was rushed due to circumstance. Remember, a carefully crafted alias can be a variety of things. We don’t know who these people are, nor do we know their past, nor does a photograph tell a whole story.

    The point of this story is that we simply do not know anything about the passengers. We do not know if they boarded planes. We do not know if passengers even showed up at the airports. We do not know if a single passenger flew that day. We do not know if the passengers are alive. Or dead. We do not even know if all the passengers were real living people or creations of Identity fiction. We do not know if they used recently, or in some cases, not so recent dead peoples identities.We do not know why only 130 families of the passengers received money from the official 911 victims compensation fund. And we do not know how many of those alleged people allegedly flying on the 4 flights were carefully crafted dual identities,as it appears might be the case with John J Wenckus and Mike Rivero. I have not crossed over into any theory in this thread.

    Also see these other Articles in this Section;

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    Flight 175 Anomalies, Missile on 175, Controlled Demolitions of the WTC, Missing Planes at Shanksville & Pentagon, Franklin Cover Up

    Posted by: Phil Jayhan, March 23rd, 2007

    Free 911 videos

    Dave vonKlesit - 911: In Plane Site 9/11 In Plane Site – The Director’s Cut Groundbreaking documentary by Dave von Kleist of the Power Hour radio show addresses the evidence that 9/11 was an inside job. Mostly based on photographic and video evidence, but he’s asking the same questions we all need to be asking. The Video is 1:12 minutes long and is a must see for anyone and everyone wanting to know the answers of what really happened on 911. This is a great introductory tool for everything else you will see and read here on this website, and should be seen by every American who dares ask the hard questions about 911, and government engineering of this days events…
    The Obvious Appendage on Flight 175 The Appendage or Pod on the Fuselage of Flight 175 One of the more controversial issues among 911 researchers, if for no other reason than it is so obvious and easy to see that something is terribly wrong with this aircraft. It was recorded and shown by all News Media sources, CNN, ABC, FOX, New York Times, Camera-Planet, Newsday Magazine and countless others. It doesn’t matter what it is. What matters is that it shouldn’t be there, and shows beyond reasonable doubt that this was not Flight 175, which took off from Boston International Airport on 911.
    The Flash Incendiary Device on Flight 175 The Bright Orange Flash caused by a Rocket, Missile or Incendiary Device – Flight 175 This Flash shows up in all of the News Medias footage as well. CNN, ABC, Jennifer Spells CNN Footage, Camera- Planet and looks as though it were caused by some sort of rocket, missile or incendiary device which was released from this aircrafts fuselage just prior to impact. And in one angle of footage, there is actually a white projectile which is seen flying nose to nose just prior to impact, and which apparently makes this bright orange entry hole at the same time this airliners nose is plowing into this building.
    The Controlled Demolition of the World Trade Center The Controlled Disintegration of the World Trade Center on 911 That these Towers were brought down by explosives on 911 there can be no doubt. from their faster than or equal to fall in free fall speeds in a Vacuum, to many Fireman’s testimony that there were explosives, bombs going off everywhere, from the time the planes struck the Towers to the time they fell, in 9 & 10 seconds respectively. There is so much irrefutable evidence and proof that these Towers were brought down by explosives that it can no longer be doubted by anyone with reason and common sense.
    The Missing Plane at Shanksville The Case of the missing Plane at Shanksville The Mayor of Shanksville remarked how odd it was to get to the Scene in Shanksville, and find that there was no evidence of a plane. The photographs and video evidence show and back this claim up. There is no burnt out areas of the field where this plane allegedly crashed into the earth. And all of the wreckage which was retrieved could be fit into the back of a single pick up truck and a few plastic bags. (AP source) There is little doubt that there was no plane crash here, nor even a shoot down, as there is not enough wreckage to support either of these claims.
    The Strange Case of the Missing Boeing at the Pentagon The Strange Case of the Missing Boeing at the Pentagon Some people such as Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson have said that none of this evidence should be used or pursued by 911 investigators, claiming that some day the government will produce a video showing a 757 hitting the Pentagon, thus casting aspersion onto all the other evidence. What they fail to realize, is that the government cannot produce any footage that would contradict what they have already given out. And they have indeed backed themselves into a corner on the Pentagon issue, and cannot change their story.
    The Franklin Cover Up - The Worst Cover Up in all of American History The Franklin Cover Up – The Worst Cover Up in All of American History This Story is one of the most scandalous stories ever to surface in America. It is a documented case of Satanism, Human Sacrifice, and Government run and government protected pedophilia rings, which are there to serve the sick and perverse needs of the ‘Elite’ who run this Nation, Congressman, Senators, Presidents, Judges, you name the office, and you can bet it is filled with pedophiles who use the “services” of such kidnapping and pedophile rings which are government run and protected. A rare insight into the criminality of the FBI.

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    High Resolution Original Footage of the 911 Hoax + Free 911 Documentary Downloads!

    Free 911 videos

    Posted by: Phil Jayhan, March 21st, 2007

    Original Link:

    This is all original footage from 911, which as you will see when you download and watch it, is chock full of smoking guns on showing 911 to be an inside job, and complete and total lie. Please feel free to download all of these and archive them on your own hard drive, so they can’t ever be lost. The truth is all in plain sight, as they say. And there are some excellent free 911 documentaries in the list as well! Make sure you watch them and pass them along to spread the word!

    Flight 175 firing out some kind of missile, rocket or incendiary device


    When I called Congressman Weller’s office, I was put through to Sandra, who took my call. I got her to log onto ‘’ and open the Camera-planet footage; She didn’t have any time to even read my website, nor did I tell her what was coming. And without any prompting nor guidance, she, all on her own, upon seeing this exclaimed; “My God, that looks like a Wire Guided Missile, that just can’t be…”


    Here you will find hi-resolution video of the (obvious) demolition of World Trade Center Seven and of the (less obvious) demolition of the Towers. The Naudet brothers stunning footage of the first plane hitting the North tower is also presented (at least one of the brothers quite clearly knew the first aircraft was about to hit the North Tower) together with less well known footage of the first plane hitting the tower, accidently caught by someone filming, while waiting in traffic.

    If you are using Windows Media Player you need the DivX3.11a codec plug-in (many non-Microsoft movie players come standard with the codecs necessary to play DivX movies (eg Mplayer for Linux)).

    If you do not already have it, you can find it here:

    The files from are bit for bit the same (I checked) as those I have had on my system for years (with no harmful effects). You unzip the files and double click on Register_DivX.exe


    Here HiRes (high resolution) video means video recorded with the DivX3.11a codec with the (variable) bitrate set to 6000 and crispness/smoothness set to 100. The HiRes videos are much larger files than necessary for good viewing. They are meant to convey as much of the original detail as possible.


    The First Plane Hitting The North Tower (13 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 692×408) Copy.
    Video taken while waiting to enter the Brooklyn Tunnel (0.8 MB Codec: DivX3.11a 360×240) New.


    Plane Hitting South Tower. View from south (10 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 692×472) Copy.
    View from north-east (4.9 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 716×480) Copy.
    View from north (13 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 692×472) Copy.
    View from east (1.2 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 692×356) Copy.
    Close view from east (1.3 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 692×356) Includes the “911 In Plane Site” flash. Copy.
    Another view from north (0.8 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 692×356) Copy.
    Short view from north-east (1.2 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 696×472) Copy.
    Longer view from north-east (2.8 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 716×480) Copy.


    Video one of the WTC North Tower demolition (2 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 492×408) Copy.
    Video two of the WTC North Tower demolition (5.6 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 716×480) Newest.
    Video three of the WTC North Tower demolition (0.5 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 676×408) Newest.
    Video four of the WTC North Tower demolition (13 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 692×472) Copy.
    Premature Detonations in North Tower Demolition. (4.8 MB Codec: DivX3.11a 692×472) Newest.
    North Tower Premature Detonations (Marked) (2.8 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 692×472) Copy. Newest.
    More North Tower Premature Detonations (6.1 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 696×472) Copy.
    Another view of the North Tower Predetonations (1.4 MB HiRes Codec: MPEG1 352×264) New.

    For those interested, here is an article on the Premature Detonations.


    Video one of the WTC South Tower demolition (1.6 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 716×480) New.
    Video two of the WTC South Tower demolition (2.3 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 692×408) New.
    Video three of the WTC South Tower demolition (1.5 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 692×352) New.
    Video four of the WTC South Tower demolition (1.7 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 692×356) New.
    South Tower Premature Detonations (Marked) (0.4 MB Codec: DivX3.11a 704×480) Newest.


    The WTC Building Seven Demolition (0.9 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 692×408) Copy.
    The WTC Building Seven Demolition (another view) (0.8 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 692×408) Copy.
    The WTC Building Seven Demolition (yet another view) (9.5 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 692×408) Copy.
    The WTC Building Seven Demolition – Four (0.8 MB Codec: DivX3.11a 360×240)
    The WTC Building Seven Demolition – Five (1.1 MB Codec: DivX3.11a 542×407)


    Pentagon Collapse One (2.2 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 696×472) Copy.
    Pentagon Collapse Two (0.8 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 696×472) Copy.
    Video one of the Pentagon on Fire (4.2 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 692×480) New.
    Video two of the Pentagon on Fire (3.5 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 692×464) New.
    Video three of the Pentagon on Fire (1.4 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 692×464) New.
    Video of the Pentagon damage from the air (9.6 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 692×480) New.


    What A Demolition Looks Like (6 MB Codec: DivX3.11a 600×320) New.


    Woman Waving From WTC North Tower Impact Hole. (1.2 MB HiRes Codec: DivX3.11a 692×356) Copy.

    The woman is in the lower righthand corner and why this is of interest.


    WTC Construction Manager (0.8 MB WMV3 320×240) states WTC would survive multiple airplane strikes.
    911 In Plane Site. (104 MB Codec: DivX5 352×240)
    911 In Plane Site. (129 MB Codec: Quicktime MOV 352×240)
    Von Kleist admitting possible involvement and even guilt, in the events of 9/11 (1.3 MB Codec: DivX3.11a 340×240).

    911 In Plane Site Directors Cut. 2 parts (45 MB and 47 MB WMV3 320×240)
    911 In Plane Site Update (8 MB WMV1 240×160)

    David Griffin talking about 9/11 on CSPAN2 239 MB WMV, also smaller file here 25 MB WMV


    The New Pearl Harbor by David Ray Griffin (entire book).


    Predetonations in the World Trade Center Demolitions Copy 1 and commentary.
    North Tower Demolition 0.9 MB Copy 1 and commentary.
    South Tower Demolition 2.1 MB Copy 1 and commentary.
    First Plane Hits 2.2 MB Copy 1. From Naudet Brothers footage and why this is of interest.
    What a jets exhaust does to a car 0.9 MB Copy 1 and why this is of interest.
    World Trade Center Seven Demolition 0.6 MB Copy 1.
    The dust cloud that gave rise to the WTC6 explosion myth 0.9 MB Copy 1 and why this is of interest.


    Introduction – The FEMA “investigations” Copy 1.
    WTC 1 and WTC 2 – The Twin Towers – The FEMA “investigations” Copy 1.
    WTC 3 – The FEMA “investigations” Copy 1.
    WTC 4,5 and 6 – The FEMA “investigations” Copy 1.
    WTC 7 – The FEMA “investigations” Copy 1.
    The Bankers Trust Building – The FEMA “investigations” Copy 1.
    Peripheral Buildings – The FEMA “investigations” Copy 1.
    Overview of Fire Protection in Buildings – The FEMA “investigations” Copy 1.
    Structural Steel and Steel Connections – The FEMA “investigations” Copy 1.
    WTC Steel Data Collection – The FEMA “investigations” Copy 1.

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    New video delivers the goods about government’s false 9/11 Pentagon story – John Kaminski


    Jack Whites 911 Studies


    Now We Know for Sure They Lied about 9/11

    By John Kaminski

    Reposted by: Phil Jayhan, February 21st, 2007

    Original Link:


    New video delivers the goods about government’s false 9/11 Pentagon story

    I challenge anyone to watch the new 911 In Plane Site video and still believe the government’s story that a jet airliner full of passengers hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. It simply can’t be done. I’ll bet anyone any amount of anything that they just can’t do it.

    Utilizing footage from TV networks — often stuff that was shown only one time and never seen again — the Power Hour radio show’s Dave Von Kleist methodically provides proof positive that the government lied about what happened in Washington on that fateful day, an event that was the culmination of the greatest sneak attack in American history.

    The damning images of flames raging inside the Pentagon behind an unbroken wall with many unbroken windows and an unbroken roof line clearly demonstrates that whatever caused the explosion and fire inside America’s most secure building, coupled with no significant trace of airplane wreckage at any time during the disaster, was no giant airliner.

    It wasn’t until long after the fire began that the roof finally collapsed, and even then, the hole that was created in no way resembles the ghastly imprint two other jets left when they struck the World Trade Center towers in New York City mere minutes before.

    What this means for the American people is that the story President Bush, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, and all those other government officials told the world that day is a lie, a gigantic and bald-faced lie.

    A hijacked airliner never hit the Pentagon, and this film proves it. As VonKleist, who both wrote and produced this masterpiece, asks in the film, “How does a plane 125 feet wide and 155 feet long fit into a hole which is only 16 feet across?”

    Since day one, the only thing that every single, skeptical 9/11 researcher has ever wanted during all the research they have undertaken during the past three years is one single, irrefutable fact that could disprove the government’s blatant lie. Because proving one lie means their whole story is false. One provable lie means 9/11 is not what they said it was.

    This is the film that does it. And this is a development in the 9/11 story that no one in America or the world can afford to ignore.

    Indictments and arrests should begin immediately based on this film alone. Top members of the government lied about what happened. This is a statement that can no longer be challenged as false. It is now up to American law enforcement officials to act in this matter, or the American people will realize our leaders are allowed the break the law, and the laws no longer apply to them.

    And the Pentagon revelation is only the start of this remarkable film, a 70-minute documentary that delves into only four major aspects of Sept. 11.

    Having viewed this film with two relatives who did believe the government’s story prior to viewing, I interpreted the ashen looks on their faces as a valid testament to the movie’s power. Before seeing it, they basically believed what they’d heard on TV about what happened on 9/11. Afterwards, they both told me that they no longer did.

    After the Pentagon segment, Von Kleist turns his attention to the plume, a giant puff of smoke that rises from the base of the Twin Towers PRIOR to their collapse. Although Von Kleist doesn’t say so (and doesn’t really make any conclusions in his objective presentation of film fact), the viewer is left to contemplate whether this was the explosion that brought down the towers. A great clip of firemen describing how the buildings were demolished leaves viewers with that distinct impression.

    The most controversial aspect of the film, one which led me and other potential reviewers to express reservations about the film before we’d actually seen it, was the inclusion of material from Phil Jayhan’s website, the most astounding aspect of which is footage that shows both jetliners appearing to fire missiles at the towers in the instant before impact.

    It simply sounded too preposterous. It sounded as untenable as the hologram theory. Many of us worried it was deliberate disinformation, designed to destroy the 9/11 skeptics movement.

    You need to see it. Four different people with four different cameras recorded it. I am no photographic expert. I can’t tell you when a film has been tampered with or when it hasn’t. I can only tell you what I saw. It looks real, and the patient pacing of Von Kleist’s explanation will make it most difficult for you to deny what you are seeing.

    Click Here for Part II

    Click Above Image for Part II


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