PRESS RELEASE: A Tribute to Harry John Roland – The “First 911 Fraud!” – Let’s Roll Forums

PRESS RELEASE: A Tribute to Harry John Roland – The “First 911 Fraud!” – Let’s Roll Forums.

A tribute to Harry John Roland – The “First 911 Fraud!” by: Phil Jayhan & Larry McWilliams

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Sometimes short stories uncovering fraud are better then long drawn out stories. If you can prove it in a few words, then do it. Harry John Roland is an icon. He showed up almost every day at ground zero, for 6 years, with a plastic 1 gallon money jug tied around his neck, his pictures, and his familiar refrain; “History, Don’t let it be a Mystery.” “History, Don’t let it be a Mystery.” Harry is well known for his catch phrases which can be heard echoing throughout the WTC complex, especially “History – don’t let it be a mystery”, and “don’t say two – ’cause that’s not true!” Yet Harry never really crossed the line into conspiracy, claiming to have worked at the world trade center (took that day off for the first day of school for the kid, like everyone else at WTC that day). And also losing a nephew who wasn’t as fortunate as old Harry!

I admit that Harry squeezed a few good lunches from me back in August of 2004 and a nice donation, I think it was 50 bucks. We spent 2-3 afternoons together at ground zero. But for now lets take a brief look at Harry Rolands claims, and see if we can’t make this all cut and dried, black and white.

See the first video below, 2:25- 2:47

A tribute to Harry John Roland (part 1)

YouTube – A tribute to Harry John Roland (part 1)

Notice his nephews name is Tim Ward, victim at the world trade center. Tim Ward was sadly told to go back to his desk in the South Tower. He even points to this nephew, Tim Ward. Who he said went back to his desk. How he knows all of this is anyone’s guess. Perhaps it was a phone call. Or perhaps it was because that is what was in Harry Rolands script.

Tim Ward, Harry John Rolands Nephew – Allegedly killed at the South Tower on 9/11 

I checked the CNN Memorial and two (2) Wards are listed:Timothy Ray Ward who’s picture is curiously absent. And also claimed to be Harry Rolands nephew by Harry Roland. 

And Stephen Gordon Wards CNN memorial, who doesn’t have a picture and obviously isn’t the guy Harry is pointing at because it is the wrong name.

In the 911 Victims Compensation Fund, there are 5 Wards listed on lines 4259-4263:

Ward, Cecil
Ward, Joseph
Ward, Stephen
Ward, Stephen
Ward, Timothy

So there is only one Tim Ward. Let me introduce you to Tim Ward now. Meet Tim Ward, already determined to be a fake victim through our teams earlier diligent research. This seems to be an open and shut issue, black and white, so to speak…

Tim Ward – Alleged passenger on Flight 175

Harry’s nephew was black. Tim Ward, the only Tim Ward allegedly killed on 911, was white. And to make things worse, Tim Ward was an alleged passenger on Flight 175, not a worker in the Towers as Harry Roland claims. And Tim Ward already had enough problems of his own without another 911 paid actor, that can’t even remember his victim, or get his lines straight. And how ironic is it, that a white Tim Ward flew into a black Tim Ward on 9/11? I wonder if the white Tim Ward on Flight 175 flew into the black Tim Ward in the South Tower? You know what they say about two different colored people by the same name, occupying the same place and victim status at the same time, right? Things get dustified….

Tim Wards picture, from the Web Archive of the CNN Memorial shows that the pictures Exif/IPTC data as 1/11/2000 as thepicture being taken day, or the date of the last edit. A year and 9 months before 9/11. The official story and fairy tale fell long ago. But with the release of this research, the fairy tale of the passengers and mock victims of 9/11 is also laid to rest. Perhaps the planners prepared this victim ahead of time and forgot he was supposed to be black, or forgot that someone else already was assigned this victim. Talk about economy of actors! This takes the cake!

Poor Tim Ward, seems like nothing can go his way on or after 911. So far Tim Ward is the only victim on 911 we have proven to be a fraud, twice. And also, down goes another actor, Harry John Roland as well.

Harry John Roland, now more then likely back to using his regular name, rather then his 911 stage name, is more then likely sipping Margarita’s in the Hamptons, or probably somewhere in Cancun. Or perhaps still pimping his lies at ground zero, or perhaps a combination of all the above.

Hats off to Harry John Roland! He gets our 911 Emmy of the year award for best continual acting performance of 9/11. Tim Ward gets the award for the most used victim so far in 9/11!

Somewhere, maybe in a fine white cushy chair somewhere, drinking a fine Burgandy, Carolyn Beug (Yet another fake 911 victim) has got to be rolling her eyes and wondering how so many under-choreographed people fell through the cracks. Or not. But I know that Harry will be looking and looking to see if his secret is out yet, while sipping his life away in Margaritaville. So Harry Roland, when you read this, hats off to ya you son of a bitch! Great acting job! You owe me a few lunches at the Deli and 50 bucks!! And you also have a date with truth & justice!

Here’s the final tribute to who I am going to nickname; “Hollywood Harry”

A tribute to Harry John Roland (part 2)

YouTube – A tribute to Harry John Roland (part 2)

Some portions of this story taken from a previous story on Tim Ward;

Timothy Ray Ward – Alleged Flight 175 Passenger: Carefully Prepared Alias R.I.P.

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