PRESS RELEASE: World Trade Center Occupancy FOIA PANYNJ * 1972-2001 – Let’s Roll Forums

PRESS RELEASE: World Trade Center Occupancy FOIA PANYNJ * 1972-2001 – Let’s Roll Forums.

World Trade Center Occupancy FOIA * 1972-2001
by; Dave Cole, Larry McWilliams & Phil Jayhan


The following link is to a spreadsheet that the Lets Roll Forums obtained through a FOIA request made by Dave Cole. What we requested from the Port Authority of New York New Jersey was in essence a surprise occupancy audit of the World Trade Center. What we requested; We make no claims other then these below. Another FOIA will be sent within the next few days, at which time we will then audit this list that we received against the new FOIA request for the same thing.

1. A complete listing of all occupants of the world trade center, from the time they were finished to the time they went private, in 2001.

2. Listing of occupants by floor and by space

3. Listing of occupants leases, with the start and end dates of those leases.

What we received back was shocking and in no way anticipated. Please open this spreadsheet now in another browser tab, so you can have this open and go back and forth as your reading this story. (right click, open link in new tab)

To see the rest of the story and view this new PANYNJ FOIA occupancy spreadsheet, click below:

World Trade Center FOIA Occupancy Story & Spreadsheet:

New 9/11 Research Directory & Links:

9/11 LINKS INDEX – Victim Fraud, Media Fraud  

Radio Shows – Jim Fetzer. Deanna Spingola, Debbie Lewis

*** IMPORTANT: Please use this link below for visual aids while listening to the interviews;


9/11 World Trade Center Props

World Trade Center Publicity Stunts:

Exif/IPTC Metadata:

Video: Fraudulence on 9/11

Death Certificate #0001:

Social Security Death Payments & Other SSDI Related Evidence

The Hollow Towers & Pre-Demolition of WTC:

The World Trade Center Lighting & Picture History:

The Elevators at WTC on 9/11 and the Trapped People:

Revisiting the World Trade Center Phone Calls:

Fireman Actors on 9/11:

Stand In Actors on 9/11:

Flight 11 Frauds:

Flight 175 Frauds:

Flight 77 Frauds:

Flight 93 Frauds:

The 911 Jumper Frauds:

North Tower Frauds:

Pentagon Stage Props – Pentagon TV Fakery:

Pentagon Fraudulent Victims on 9/11:

Media Complicity and Fraud:

Media 9/11 Memorial Frauds:

The 9/11 Memorial Wall:

9/11 & WTC Corporate Fraud:

Gatekeepers of the Alternate Media:

Pending Research Requests from Lets Roll Members:

MISC: Great Research Links on this Material above:

Former Stickies for the Hussled Masses:

9/11 Related Murders:


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