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Mark Bingham – Exif/IPTC Data 8/30/2001! 13 Days before 9/11!

Here is a rather large blunder on the part of CNN or AP Press; Mark Binghams Exif/IPTC data shows as 8/30/2001. Some 13 days before 9/11, complete with a working bio and obituary, all carefully prepared, or in this case, not so carefully prepared some two weeks before 9/11! It is no wonder that CNN went removing so many hundreds of pictures from their CNN Memorial page, only weeks after breaking the Mike Rivero/John Wenckus story. Mark Binghams picture being one of them.

There are some major issues and screw-ups in the digital IPTC data. And it is damning. Does anyone here think that it is a coincidence that Mark Binghams picture was removed from the CNN Memorial archive, especially when we now know that the picture was prepared weeks before 911 chock full with an obituary & has this information openly available in the Exif data? The original picture of Mark Bingham showing the exif data of 8.30.01 can still be viewed at the Web Archive:

The picture being taken day, from our understanding is overwritten when the picture is edited, as in this case, with the white side bard which says Family Photo/AP Press and also the obituary which is embedded into the digital coding of the picture. For that picture being taken day to be anything before 9/11 is extremely damning, as long as the picture is like the one above, edited, with an obituary.

When someone edits the picture, the IPTC data is overwritten and the picture being taken day is changed to the day of the last edit. Since this picture is from 1993 graduation, 8.30.2001 cannot be anything other then when the picture was last edited and prepared for it’s 9/11 release. Before 9/11!

Mark Bingham was one of the “Lets Roll Hero’s”

Mark Bingham was scripted with being one of the hero’s on 9/11. For whatever reason. My own guess is that the people who were allowed to play the role of hero’s were well connected individuals. Mark Bingham is the person who allegedly made a cell phone call to his Mother from Flight 93 and told her; “This is Mark Bingham Mom, your son,. You believe me right..” [From memory – citation needed] We were told he, Todd Beamer and a few others then rushed the arab hijackers and crashed the plane.

Perhaps someone should email these people and inform them someone just took out one of their hero’s.

[TABLE] Mark Binghams CNN Memorial PageWeb Archive

Name: Mark K. Bingham
Residence: San Francisco, CA, United States
Occupation: owner, The Bingham GroupLocation:
UA Flight 93 Related: Legacy.com tribute
Updated:January 2, 2002[/TABLE][TABLE]Mark Bingham – Legacy page

United Flight 93

Mark Bingham, 31,
of San Francisco,
owner of The Bingham Group, a public relations firm.

Mark Binghams picture & obituary made before 9/11

Notice how it says how he was killed, 13 days before 9/11? Just who is Mark Bingham anyway? We were told that he was an openly gay man. President of his fraternity. And told that he nearly missed his flight, Flight 93. We were told the plane actually had closed its door and then reopened it to allow him to board.

Yet we know now that Flight 93 never happened. That Mark Bingham never showed at the airport, nor did any of the other 246 passengers and crew. FYI – We were also informed quietly via the FBI that the Flight 93 drama never occurred. This came out in trial of one of the alleged hijackers;

9/11 Flight 93 Passenger Uprising Theory Discounted – LA Times

Yet Mark Bingham was scripted with being one of the hero’s. Was he already dead before 9/11? Did he ever really exist? If so, is he still alive? While we have this extremely damning evidence which is even better then an actual smoking gun, it should still be noted that there is still a mystery here as to just who Mark Bingham was. Yet this answers in a very direct way, peoples questions as to what happened to the passengers. They were created fictions, and various other categories of prepared aliases.

See Larry’s article on the different categories of ‘carefully prepared aliases.’

To think that this information was hidden inside all these pictures all these years without anyone noticing. Information which effectively tells us that the pictures were frauds, and made beforehand, complete with obituary and bio!

Just to point out the high caliber proof this represents, ask yourself; Would you rather take your time showing somebody that cell phone calls cannot be made from commercial aircraft, or would you rather simply show them how the pictures of the alleged victims and victim hero’s were created before 9/11?

Mark Bingham is not in the Social Security Death Index nor is he in the Victims Compensation Fund: Why not?

[TABLE]Name Birth Death Age Last Address of Record Last Benefit Issued By SSN ToolsOrder Record?

BINGHAM, MARK 28 Jan 1951 May 1981 30 (not specified) 02664 (South Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA) Massachusetts 025-42-9353

BINGHAM, MARK 06 Nov 195415 Aug 1994 3919154 (Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA) (none specified)Pennsylvania182-48-1642

BINGHAM, MARK O12 Jun 1966 12 Jun 2000 (P)34(72)(none specified) Idaho 518-98-0345

BINGHAM, MARK 30 Dec 1964 24 Aug 1996 (V)3177045 (Houston, Harris, TX )(none specified) Colorado524-31-6549 [/TABLE]

Exif/IPTC Digital Data hangs them!

This leaves no doubt as to whether or not the pictures and alleged victims were carefully prepared aliases. Mark Binghams picture was in someones file and prepared and ready to use some 13 days before 9/11. Sonia Morales Puopolos Exif/IPTC digital data reads April 3rd, 2001, some 6 months or more before 9/11! And there is little doubt in my mind that this is the very reason why CNN was pulling hundreds of pictures off their CNN Memorial pages after breaking the story about Mike Rivero possibly being John Wenckus.

So apparently we struck a nerve at CNN and someone with a sharp eye went through the pictures and removed all the obvious pictures with obvious exif/IPTC digital data issues.

Imagine spending 10 Billion dollars and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of man hours on pulling off 9/11, and then to have the entire operation be proven false because someone out there took a single memorial picture and ran it through a free exif data viewer! They had us where they wanted us. Arguing about what 911 evidence is best and whats crap and keeping us hopelessly divided all along. But I think these new discoveries, by their mere preponderance, will change everything in the 9/11 landscape.

When we see his mother and stepfather giving testimony about the days events on 9/11 and their alleged son Mark Bingham, their story isn’t very believable at all.

YouTube- ‪Mark Bingham’s Mom‬‎

YouTube- ‪Alice Hoglan, mother Mark Bingham, ABC, 17:55, 9/12‬‎

YouTube- ‪CNN Alice Hoglan laughs about sons call‬‎
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