Question of the Day: Ari Fleischer, Flight 11 & Box Cutters – Let’s Roll Forums

Question of the Day: Ari Fleischer, Flight 11 & Box Cutters – Let’s Roll Forums.

I found this article while doing a search on Ari Fleischer and thought it peculiar. So I thought I would post it.

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In response to questions about the advance warning President Bush received from the CIA concerning a possible hijacking plot, his press spokesman Ari Fleischer (identified by the New York Times as the anonymous “senior administration official) replied in his daily press briefing on May 15th, 2002: “The administration, based on hijackings, notified the appropriate agencies and, I think, that’s one of the reasons that you saw that the people who committed the 9-11 attacks used box cutters and plastic knives to get around America’s system of protecting against hijackings.”

What is the evidence that the hijackers who took over the Boeing 767s that crashed into the World Trade Center “used box cutters and plastic knives?”


There is zero evidence of box-cutters on either plane that hit the World Trade Center. Not a single flight crew member or passenger on American Airlines Flight 11 or United Airlines Flight 175 reported seeing box-cutters or plastics knives. Nor were they mentioned in the FAA executive summary on any of the hijacked plane.(LINK FAA MEMO.) Only on American Airlines Flight 77, which hit the Pentagon, was there a near-mention by one passenger that the hijackers in the back of the plane had knives and “card-board cutters,” and even that passenger to claim to see what weapons were actually used to hijack the plane. The claim by administration officials that plastic knives were used to hijack the planes is pure invention. (See Fictoid #9)

Since unlike guns, metal knives and bombs, it was legal for airline passengers on September 11th 2001 to carry aboard box-cutters and plastic knives, the claim that they used such devices to commandeer the planes that destroyed the World Trade Center is a functional fictoid. Not only does it serve to shield the airlines, airports and airport screeners from massive liability from the victims at the World Trade Center, it protects the Bush Administration by diverting attention away from concern that airport security at three Federally-supervised airports was dangerously lax.

Collateral Question:

Since CBS News quoted press briefer Ari Fleischer verbatim, why did the New York Times identify him anonymously as a “senior administration spokesman?

Maybe it is possible that Ari Fleischer’s response about box-cutters had something to do with this; And that the newspapers and news sources that referred to him as anonymous, perhaps wanted to draw as little attention to Ari Fleischer as possible whenever mentioning the words “Flight 11?”

Who is Ari Fleischer? Was Ari Fleischer’s picture used for a Passenger from 9/11?


Phil Jayhan

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3 Responses to Question of the Day: Ari Fleischer, Flight 11 & Box Cutters – Let’s Roll Forums

  1. VonZolta says:

    There were NO boxcutters
    There were NO Arab hi-jackers
    There were NO commercial planes on 9/11
    There were NO advanced warnings (all propaganda)
    There were NO cell phone calls (all faked)
    No plane hit the Pentagon
    No plane landed in a field in Shanksville
    No commercial planes w/passengers hit the Twin Towers
    All news footage was faked
    All interviews were faked
    All video evidence was faked
    There was a total blackout of all electronic communication on 9/11
    All evidence was sequestered (video or otherwise)
    All DNA identification of passengers was faked
    All evidence of hi-jackers was faked
    All ‘found’ plane parts were planted (faked)
    All parties to lawsuits were ‘gagged’ by the Zionist judges
    No lawsuit went past the ‘development’ stage for trial – civil or criminal
    There is NO evidence of any passengers boarding any 9/11 flights
    There is NO evidence of any plane parts or serial numbers
    There were NO black boxes found (those claimed to be were faked)

    Anyone who argues to the contrary on even ONE of the above points is an agent of the US government – aka a shill. Phil Jayhan is a prime example of the aforementioned.

  2. VonZolta says:

    All Federal Agencies such as the DHS, BTS, FCC, FAA, FEMA, DIA, NSA, NSC, ODNI, DOJ, NTSB, NTIA, USIA, and all branches of the Military (including NorthCom) who were controlled through the Pentagon in collusion with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, NSA, FBI and CIA operatives secretly positioned within those respective agencies were compromised on 9/11.
    All pertinent air traffic control tapes were destroyed on the spot.

    Anyone who argues to the contrary on even ONE of the above points is an agent of the US government – aka a shill. Phil Jayhan is a prime example of the aforementioned.

  3. VonZolta says:

    The False Jews aka the Zionist’s, and the Jesuits – they have much in common not the least of which is the number of countries they have been expelled from throughout several historical periods. They also have Zionism in common and the Masonic priesthood, and the Bablyonian Caballah from which the priesthood of Zion originates, and the Talmud which has its origins in the Babylonian Caballah.

    The False Jews aka Zionist’s, and the Jesuits fit together like the hand in the glove: perfectly mated and forever suited to one another.

    Is Phil Jayhan in league with Alex Jones as a priest of Zion? Interesting thought wouldn’t you say? You see, a priest of Zion incorporates all of the worst features of the false Khazarian Jews, aka Zionists, and the priesthood of the Jesuit order.

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