People Are Whistling in Wind if Jesuit and Vatican Connection to the New World Order and U.S. Government Remains Hidden

Posted by: Phil Jayhan, March 31st, 2007

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People Are Whistling in Wind if Jesuit and Vatican Connection to the New World Order and U.S. Government Remains Hidden


Why do all politicians and influential media figures in the mainstream and the alternative run for the hills when the “V word” is mentioned?


By Greg Szymanski

April 1, 2007


People are just whistling in the wind and following false information when it comes to trying to stop fascism in America without addressing the New World Order connection with the Vatican and its henchmen in the Jesuit Order.


According to credible researchers not afraid to touch the Vatican connection, there is no hope at saving freedom in this country and around the world unless the Vatican and Jesuit Order are exposed.


Then why do the mainstream media, most in the alternative media and every single last politician on Capitol Hill avoid the Vatican connection like the plague?


The reason many truth-telling Christians give is that “all roads lead to Rome” and people in positions of power in the media and government are paid to protect the real perpetrators of evil – The Vatican and especially the Jesuit Order.


Ask why people like Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and all the CNN and MSNBC commentators never mention the Vatican? Ask why supposed friend of the people and Presidential candidate Ron Paul and Rep. Cynthia McKinney never mention the Vatican? Ask why big shot radio broadcasters in the alternative media like Alex Jones never mention the Vatican?


Furthermore, why don’t people in Hollywood like Charlie Sheen and Rosie O’Donnell, who have supposedly come-out for 9/11 truth, never mention Vatican and Jesuit ties to New World Order and Illuminati terror?


The reason is very simple according to a number of truth-telling patriots: The reason is they all are either uninformed, cowards or working with the Jesuits and Vatican, protecting their evil ways while laughing at Americans all the way to the bank.


Furthermore, why won’t any of the above-mentioned political and media figures enter in an intelligent debate about the Vatican’s wealth and control over U.S. foreign and policy? Ask yourself if Ron Paul is really working for you, the people of America, why does he run for the hills when the Vatican question is raised?


First Eric Phelps, who has gone on the record saying Rep. Paul works for the Vatican-led NWO since both the control of the political left and right is Jesuit strategy working at its best. In the following emails he addresses Avro Manhattan and broadcaster Alex Jones as well as Hutton and Mel Gibson:


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On Manhattan:

Avro Manhattan, the greatest 20th century historian on the crimes of the Vatican, was indeed a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor. He was a member of British Intelligence (MI5, MI6); was a personal friend of MI5/CIA/KGB agent Kim Philby; was a Fabian Socialist by which wicked organization the Jesuits put Lenin in power in 1917; was a personal friend of the Order’s Irish Catholic Fabian Socialist, Irish Home Ruler and friend of Stalin enjoying the red carpet into Moscow during the reign of “Koba;” and was a friend of New Ager Freemason H. G. Wells—the writer of The Time Machine depicting the loss of the history and culture of the White Protestant peoples then being preyed upon by cannibals.


Manhattan was also a great promoter of the Pope’s Cold War Hoax. He never exposed Rome’s control of Moscow or Peking. Avro was a most successful Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor and is described as such in VAIII.


On Jones and the Gibsons:

Unfortunately, Alex Jones is indeed a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor. The detailed work he has performed and his many lower-level conclusions are absolutely correct. But when it comes to the grand question of “Who Rules?” he fades away into the woodwork refusing to even mention the “J” word. This keeps people agitated and produces the fear he seeks to induce. His intense facial expressions, his abrasive voice and his obvious collusion with coadjutors of power such as George W. Bush, Michael Moore and David Gergen, reveals his true part he has been ordered to perform.


All your points are correct. Butch Paugh has an allegiance to Opus Dei Hutton Gibson that he will never break. Of course Opus Dei Mel Gibson is the dear friend of William J. Fulco, the Jesuit who oversaw the all-seeing-eyed Jesus of The Passion.


Tony Alamo has paid the price for resisting the Order with his time in prison. But he remained faithful, and is a great encouragement to me. My request to you is that if you believe Jones is the Coadjutor that he in fact is, then please join with me and others in exposing this agent provocateur. For he will ultimately lead his followers to blame all Jews in general (as does Piper, Makow, Marrs and others) when the blame for the NWO—the return to the Pope’s Dark Ages—should be clearly placed on the Jesuits and their master, the Black Pope.


And regarding Charlie Sheen and Jones related to 9/11, Phil Jayhan comments:

And is Alex Jones unaware of all these allegations, many of them documented, regarding Charlie Sheen? Is it possible Alex Jones is unaware of them? Is it possible that Charlie Sheen was chosen to come forth with these issues of 9/11 simply because he could be so easily written off and discredited? Because if his testimony attracted more attention than they suspected it would, that these allegations would be brought, and the tough questions asked? And who benefited directly from him coming forth? We saw above that the two people who benefited the most were Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen, in that order. And then in short order, CSPAN. And who owns all of the News Media in this nation? We all know that it is 110% owned by the bad guys! Thus we have to ask ourselves tough questions when we see them cover an issue, that they themselves would like to go away. Who benefits? Whats the purpose? Were they simply using Alex Jones as an unwitting dupe? Or are they in the process of making him the next Rush Limbaugh? Who is 10 miles wide, and a 1/2 an inch deep….


Alex Jones claims to be the Father of the 911 Truth Movement. This is an extremely arrogant claim, when so many millions are and have become a part of it. He makes these claims because he was the only one who ‘predicted 911’ before it happened. How was he able to predict 911 first of all? And if he is so able to connect the harder dots, why is it that Alex Jones cannot and will not connect the dots regarding the Vatican? Is this more Hufschmid speak? No. Alex Jones goes on and on and on about the Globalists, and has mentioned the Illuminati hundreds of thousands of times in his short career, and to my knowledge never made the connection publicly that the Illuminati were created by the Vatican! Why not? Is all it takes is about 5 minutes on a google search to find these truths out. Seriously, 5 minutes on google will show you that both modern branches of the Illuminati were created by the Vatican. So why is Alex unable to make the connection between the Illuminati and the Vatican, while being able to predict 911? Could it be because he is a plant, and controlled opposition? Sometimes as I have learned in being part of 911, disinformation takes many different faces. Sometimes disinformation comes in the form of information overload, and with a little bit of gate-keeping thrown in, or if you will, sometimes disinformation comes in what a person doesn’t hear, and what isn’t spoken about, what dots are NOT connected, etc…


And let me say here that Alex Jones is not my Father. The Truth is my Father. And will allow the Truth to guide me withersoever it may lead me, and couldn’t care less about the destination. If I find that the Girl Scouts had something to do with 911, and actively helping to suppress it, I would preach these truths as well, and ask the appropriate questions as well, those darned lousy Girl scouts.. [Said like angry Homer] 


It is obvious that Alex Jones wants to be the leader of all of us, and claim us as his own. Or else he would never make such arrogant statements claiming to be the “father of 911.” It is also obvious he wants all of us to come under the single umbrella leadership of himself. Why? What are his motives? Do we want him as our fearless leader? Are we willing to throw away our independence and lose this in favor of a “False Unity?” To become Ditto-Heads of yet another person? To become mind numbed robots of yet another possibly controlled personality? To be ever learning but never able to come to a complete knowledge of our own slavery and actually seeing the face of those who have enslaved us? Can you ever possibly hope to break free from your captor if you first don’t know your a slave, and secondly without ever seeing and knowing the face of that captor, slave owner?


And in closing I would like to point out that all I am doing is asking relevant questions, and doing the very thing that Alex Jones tells me to do in most of his broadcasts. Which is to check into all the things he is claiming and see for myself if they are not so. And I have started to do that very thing, and found Mr. Jones of questionable character, as well as weighed him in the balance and found him to come up wanting. As well as finding that many things he says and claims are simply not as he paints them. Thus, since I am only doing as he commands everyone who listens to him to do, I hope you will all understand my own motives and the reasons for my own questions regarding Alex Jones, and some of those whom he has paraded in front of us as ‘911 truth heroes.’



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