More Hollywood Spin on 9/11 As Dallas Mavericks Owner Joins Charlie and Rosie

Posted by: Phil Jayhan, March 28th, 2007

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More Hollywood Spin on 9/11 As Dallas Mavericks Owner Joins Charlie and Rosie


But ask them all why no mention of the Vatican and Jesuit Order involvement in NWO, 9/11 and genocides all around the world?


By Greg Szymanski

Mar 30, 2007


Reports are surfacing that Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, wants to mass distribute the 9/11 truth movie, Loose Change. He further says he is resolute against Neo-con intimidation. But the question remains why won’t he mention Vatican-controlled intimidation?


Further reports, say Cuban is linking up with Charlie Sheen who wants to narrate the new more Hollywood glitzy version of the 9/11 movie.

So let’s ask both of them why no mention of the Vatican? Is it because they are uninformed, cowards or just plain working for them and hiding Jesuit and Vatican involvement?


Who knows? But someone please ask.


And on top of all the Hollywood 9/11 spin, FOX bigmouth commentator Bill O’Reilly, said Cuban would be watched closely and Sheen’s career would be finished if he linked up with Cuban on the project.


“Let’s get one thing straight,” said Greg Szymanski, publisher of the Arctic Beacon.” If I were a betting man, I would bet Cuban, Sheen and O’Reilly’s career will never be cut short because they are all on the same team, playing different roles.



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“And The only thing that will cut their careers short and, let’s throw alternative radio broadcaster Alex Jones into the mix for good measure, is when they reveal they are really covering for the Vatican and Jesuit Order, the real spiritual controllers of the New World Order.



“I mention that about Jones because I was on his show a number of times but when I started to mention the Vatican, he cut me off like a hot potato. He won’t even entertain the subject and, considering the Vatican’s evil history, that makes me more than suspicious.



“Ask yourself is this freedom of speech. He needs to be called on this and he is always welcome to come on my show to explain his position. Someone please tell him that because he won’t return my calls.”



The Arctic Beacon further extends an invitation to Cuban, Sheen, O’Reilly and Jones to talk openly about the Vatican-led New World Order and the Jesuit Order’s involvement in 9/11.



“Someone please call them and tell them to come on my radio show to talk about the real hidden truth as I know they will try to ignore me just like all the other Jesuits I have asked to come on my show, including the Black Pope, Jesuit Gen. Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach. Some people might say I am just slinging arrows, but this is a war for our country’s freedom and I am not going to let a few two-bit actors, broadcasters and basketball owners lead America down the wrong rabbit hole. So guys, I played sports, I have my own SAG card, Mr. Sheen and I am a broadcaster, Mr. Jones, so come out of your holes and talk with me if have any guts!”




“Oh, and one other thing people should know. There has been a new move by GCN Radio to expand by starting a new station at We The People Radio, which in my estimation is just another GCN. I was told by them point blank they wouldn’t run my show, The Investigative Journal, because they didn’t want to hear about the Vatican since it was too divisive and polarizing. To me that means censorship but what do you listeners and readers think? Let me know?”



It should be mentioned, good Patriots for years have been trying to uncover the truth about 9/11, but have been mired in public debate, a debate sadly controlled by the Jesuit-controlled New World Order who has strategically put in their propaganda agents to make sure a real investigation and judicial trial is never realized.



One question good patriots can ask in order to weed out who are the real propaganda agents: “What about the Jesuits and the Vatican!! Why don’t you talk about them?”


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