Australia’s latest trade deal sealed with a Masonic handshake

Australia’s latest trade deal sealed with a Masonic handshake

When we Australians understand that Japan, once Australia’s enemy is now entering to a new trade deal that also has a basis in the UN goal for a worldwide carbon tax and Howard’s dream of nuclear power we should all be asking questions. But when the deal is also sealed with a Masonic handshake maybe we should already know the implications.

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While announcing his trip to Japan, Howard said Friday;

“Australia has no closer partner and friend in the region than Japan. Our bilateral relationship is based on shared values, complementary national interests and strong economic, strategic and people to people links.”

“2007 marks the 50th anniversary of the Australia-Japan Agreement on Commerce, which laid the foundation for our most successful trading relationship,” Howard said.

“The decision to commence negotiations on a free trade agreement in 2007 presents an important opportunity to strengthen our close economic partnership,” Howard said.

“Our cooperation on strategic issues is also growing, symbolized by our historic collaboration in Iraq and our membership of the Trilateral Strategic Dialogue (of Australia, Japan and the United States),” Howard added.

Whist in Japan on the 13th Mr Howard met with Japanese Trade Minister Akira Amari planning to add energy security cooperation to the two nations’ free-trade negotiations next month here in Australia.

Minister Akira Amari said the two countries should strengthen energy relations, which may allow Japan to expand imports of liquefied natural gas from Australia, Minemasa Suehiro, a policy director told reporters.
Australia in turn would be able to receive nuclear power generation technology from Japan. The two governments are set to hold free-trade talks in Canberra on April 23 and 24.

It looks as if another increment in the creation of one world government via back door business dealings has yet again been sealed with a Masonic handshake.
This is no surprise and not the first time we have seen a “FREE” trade agreement sealed in plain sight by the brotherhood.

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Above is the handshake that sealed the U.S.A. and Australia “Free trade agreement” the second below for those Australians in NSW contemplating the State election and think there is a real difference between the right and left of politics please enjoy this picture of the Labour partys golden boy and Bob Carrs fall guy, The current Premier of N.S.W. Morris Iemma’s handshake, with National party member Ian Causley.

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