Jack Whites Pentagon Studies Showing Obvious Photo Fakes and Manipulations


Jack Whites 911 Studies


Jack Whites Photo Studies

Posted by: Phil Jayhan

February 16th, 2007

This is an excellent website, http://www.911studies.com and Jack White has some extremely interesting discoveries he has made in studying the Pentagon photos that were released by the Government. He has found many inconsistencies and outright manipulation of the photographs, which reveal what is becoming obvious to tens of thousands of new people each day, that 911 was engineered by factions of the U.S. Federal Government.

Each day I am going to add 3 to 4 new photo-studies from Jacks website, so eventually they are mirrored here, lest his excellent work and research ever be lost, as well as enlightening many of you to his outstanding work and contributions to 911.

I am certain you will be just as surprised by some of the anomalies and outright tampering with the original photographs. My own conclusion after reviewing these photographs is that they were complied from many years of Pentagon MASCAL (Mass Casualty) exercises. To me it is the easiest possible explanation for some of the oddities you are about to observe.

As a Truth Seeker, I hope you enjoy Jack Whites Photo studies as much as I have, as they point to an obvious Conspiracy within not just the Pentagon, but the entire Federal Government. There are some within the 911 “Movement” who have said this is bad evidence, and to stop looking or holding to any of the obvious proofs of conspiracy found here in the Pentagon’s own photographs and video evidence. While these people might be sincere in their motives, it is also possible that there is so much 911 proof of an inside job that they are attempting to whittle down the evidence pool into an easier to control spread of information. The U.S. Government has backed itself into the corner regarding the official story of 911, and as you will shortly see, the Pentagon is but a single aspect which shows strong evidences and proof of a 911 conspiracy within the U.S Government.


Jack Whites Introduction to his 911 Pentagon Studies

Jack Whites 911 Pentagon Studies - 1


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