South Tower Plane. The Evidence Revealed. by; Rob Rice Veteran Lets Roll Forum Member

Evidence Revealed by; Rob Rice

South Tower Plane. The Evidence Revealed.
by Robert Rice, Lets Roll Forums Veteren Member
Janurary 16, 2007

Who Is Darleen Druyun?, person of interest

Darleen Druyun

Darleen Druyun, former No. 2 acquisition executive for the Air Force and future Boeing vice president, was sentenced to 9 months for treason – re: modified Boeing aircraft.

Former Air Force buyer jailed over Boeing deal

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia (Reuters) — The U.S. Air Force’s former No. 2 weapons buyer was sentenced to nine months in prison on Friday after telling the court she had given Boeing Co. a rival’s secret data and inflated weapons deals to ingratiate herself with the company, her future employer.The disclosure of Darleen Druyun’s efforts on behalf of Boeing could spark a new round of ethical, legal and business headaches for the Chicago-based aerospace giant, the Pentagon’s No. 2 supplier after Lockheed Martin Corp.Druyun, 56, tearfully acknowledged before Federal District Judge T.S. Ellis she had agreed to a higher price than she thought was appropriate for what became a $23.5 billion plan to acquire modified Boeing 767 aircraft as refueling tankers.

Ex-Pentagon procurement executive gets jail time

Now, interestingly enough, on 9/11, she chaired the NATO E-3A Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) program which co-ordinated the ‘red team’ attack using the Boeing controlled Iridium satellite network.……..r%20V4.htm

Food for thought… For the rest of the Story, click here: South Tower Plane: Evidence Revealed by: Rob Rice

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