Alex Jones & the Temple of Doom – By Fintans Done!

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I might have my beefs with Alex Jones, but an all out trashing of him is just wrong. I don’t think these guys should be any more above reproach than you are to me, and I am to you. Alex, Jack, John, Revere, and all the others, etc. Apparently Stadmiller has far more than all combined, but that notwithstanding… They all have their faults, strengths and weaknesses. And aren’t above reproach…

The whole idea people can’t speak against the ‘radio annointed’ is silly and stupid in my opinion. They screw up, they are no different than the rest of us, and should face the music and bear reproach. They are no different than us, but simply with a different medium. But all Fintan and his Dwarfs are all about is all out trashing, for the sake of trashing.

Fintan Dunne Radio Tirade

Just got this in a mass email sent out by Fintans Done. Ooops, I mean Fintan Dunne. I kinda like it better the first way. Doh-

This guy is such a joker! Remember, we are ALL CIA in Fintans eyes! I was proud to make his CIA list. It’s a who’s who of who isn’t a Fintans Done Butt Snorkler! For his everyones CIA but me story, go here;

And heres his silly caption for this earth-breaking Radio show below. (I think Fintans Done should look into Silent Radio as an Alternative! )

Alex Jones & the Temple of Doom

The implosion of the 9/11 Truth Movement continues as Alex Jones goes totally fruitloop on his radio show. Audio and analysis.

Plus: A claimed survivor of the London 7/7 Bus Bombing is pushing a wild story on an Alex Jones broadcast a few days ago.

And: Why the 9/11 CoverUp Will Come Apart at the Seams

Phil Jayhan

Question; How do you like your Fintan Done? – (Enquiring minds wanna know!)

Well Done and burnt on the edges…??
Extremely Rare….And hardly ever??
Burnt, Texas Style??

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