Kevin Ryan launches lawsuit, website —

 UL Truth - By Kevin Ryan

Underwriters Laboratories (UL), has launched a website to announce his recently filed lawsuit against UL for wrongful termination. Many of you will remember the courageous stance taken by Kevin in November, 2004, when he first publicly questioned NIST in his letter to Frank Gayle, who headed the “NIST and the World Trade Center” project, UL Executive Speaks out on NIST Study, in which he stated, “The buildings should have easily withstood the thermal stress caused by pools of burning jet fuel.” Kevin was promptly fired by UL (Letter from UL and our response is here). In keeping with Kevin’s indomitable spirit of courage and persistence, this was followed with a brilliant statement of the central challenges we face as individuals and a nation in the wake of 9/11 fraud, “A Personal Decision.” Since then, Kevin has spoken at numerous conferences and given presentations across the US since that time.

Underwriters Labs - Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan launches lawsuit, website– – Kevin Ryan, outspoken 9/11 investigator formerly with

Kevin has now launched a website relating to his wrongful termination lawsuit at Please support him as much as you are able, in holding this tax-exempt public safety-testing organization, UL, accountable.

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