Eric Hufschmid & Darrel Bradford Smith Declare that 911 Activist’s Dan Wallace’s Death, possible Murder, is a GOOD THING!

Dan Wallace - RIP

Thats right folks! Eric Hufschmid and Darrel Bradford Smith have put a story on the pathetic, pedantic website, and declared that the World is better off without Dan Wallace, and that his death is, in their own words, ‘Good Riddance.’

Dan Wallace, 911 Activist dead at 23

Eric Hufschmid was once a well known and respected 911 researcher & activist, but now is all he seems to do is to cry that ‘The Jews did 911, the Jews did 911’ of which he has a very short list of followers. And has lost all of the respect and friendship of all the 911 researchers and activists that once gladly bought his 911 material and handed it out freely to the uninformed public, to help spread the truth of 911. What could create such a pathetic hatred and contempt for such good people like Dan Wallce from Eric Hufschmid and Darrel Bradford Smith? Only God knows, but it is clear that Eric Hufschmid has learned nothing from his two year tirade against anyone who doesn’t want to blame the ‘Jews’ for 911.

Rather, this seems to be the Hill he has chosen & desires to die on, and from all the looks of it, he will get his wish. Read the first paragraph of this pathetic attack on a 911 activist who ended up dead, under suspicious circumstances, at the age of 23. Let it be noted that the 911 community has tens of millions of members, and that these two sorry pathetic excuses for human beings are the ONLY two people in the entire community that feel this way!

Below is a quote from Eric Hufschmid and Darrel Bradford Smith on the unfortunate death & possible murder of Dan Wallace, a 911 Activist!

According to the 9/11 “truth seekers”, members of his family often die in their sleep from heart attacks. Reports are here and here Considering those particular “truth seekers” lie about Zionism, why should we believe their explanation for his death? We would be fools not to consider that this was a murder by Zionists. If it was a murder, it shows what happens when you are too stupid to know who to trust.To read the rest of their pathetic attempts to slur the name of this good man, Dan Wallace, go here, to this link:

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