Alex Jones Interviews Phil Jayhan on Flight 175 Appendage & Pod & other Anomalies – Great Interview!

Alex Jones Interview - Appendage on Flight 175

Listen to this Interview between myself (Phil Jayhan) and Alex Jones on June 26th, 2004, yourself:

Simply click the link below, download and listen


This is only my 2nd or 3rd interview I ever gave and am quite unpolished as can be heard. Today I am content with simply saying there are 2 pieces of equipment on this aircraft, that the pod is there and is anyones guess into what it is, yet it is there, is 2 3D objects, appendages which have been added to this plane, and clearly shouldn’t be there. Whether it is a bomb on the port wing is irrelevant. I also make the mistake of saying that it’s the first time in history that steel skyscrapers have fallen because of fire alone. And it wasn’t fire alone, it was plane damage & fire, along with the bombs in the buildings, as well as the extra goodies on what they claim was Flight 175. I also at that time, wasn’t aware the Don DeGrand Pre was likely work for the CIA or the DIA. And here misinformed people about what Colonel Don Degrand Pree shared with me, that Rick Gibney shot down Flight 93, which is still debated somewhat, but most now agree there was no plane is Shanskville. My voice is literally shot from street preaching the Truth of 911 on the streets of Washington DC as well as Manhattan New York in the Summer of 2004. (Around June 26th, 2004)

As far as I know, while everyone else was running with Alexs story about the Happy Hooligans and my addition to it with Gibneys name as being the pilot who shot it down, I discovered through simple photo proof that no plane was shot down, and that no plane crashed. No plane. And as far as I know was the very first person the finally break through the disinfo on flight 93 and publish the story. Below are some quotes from Alex Jones during the interview, which everyone should click and at least listen to.

“Alex Jones: it is Undeniable…” (The pod or ‘Blister’ on the bottom of the aircraft, as he called it) Alex Jones Interview, June 26th, 2004

New York Times - Appendage or Pod on Flight 175

“He says it “Cleary is there…” (Pod, Bulge on Flight 175) Alex Jones Interview, June 26th, 2004

Flight 175 Newsday Magazine - Front Cover 9/12/2001 Showing Appendage, Pod on Flight 175

“Cleary there is a Flash on the building before the plane hits…” (Speaking of what I believe is the missile punch-through) Alex Jones Interview, June 26th, 2004

Camera Planet Footage showing what appears to be a Missile, Rocket or Incendiary Device being fried from what was alleged to be Flight 175

“It’s Certainly something spraying out of the aircraft…” (What I think is the Jet Fuel being Sprayed out) Alex Jones Interview, June 26th, 2004

What was alleged to have been Flight 175 sparying out some type of aerosolized spray, probably Jet Fuel

Blowup of what was alleged to have been Flight 175 spraying out what appears to be Jet Fuel from two points in its fuselage

“That can’t be missed” (Pod on the bottom of Aircraft) Alex Jones Interview, June 26th, 2004

Evan Fairbanks Footage which was aired on ABC showing the obvious pod or appendage on what was alleged to have been Flight 175

“You clearly see a Flash under this, it looks like a cruise missile pod….And thats what the cruise missile pods, the external ones look like on larger jet aircraft” “You’ve got this thing affixed…There is a flash at the back, then you see something shoot out, clearly, and then an impact in front of the plane” “And that clearly is on there.” Under this, looks like a “Cruise Missile pod” then you see something shoot out.” Alex Jones Interview, June 26th, 2004


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