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Fintan Dunne & Phil Jayhan

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Fintan Dunne

‘Audio Analysis of Flight 175 Explosions




Looking for the Logic of it all – Appendage on Flight 175 – By; Glen Stanish

Original link, posted at the letsrollforums:

Reposted by: Phil Jayhan

February 22nd, 2007

Jack Whites 911 Studies






Looking for the Logic of it all – Appendage on Flight 175

by; Glen Stanish

Hello everyone,My name is Glen Stanish. I am a Pilot and Co-Founder of the Pilots For Truth Forum, and Co-Founded this website along with Johndoex. I received my commercial in 87. I am rated on the B-737, DO-328, Ba3100, and qualified on the MD-80. I have been been flying for about 25 years, for the airlines since 91.I was checking out some of the new areas of the forums and found a thread which was kind of upsetting to me. It is the one titled “BYE, BYE UAL175 “POD” THEORY!, Proof POD doesn’t exist!!!” It wasn’t the photos which disturbed me the most. It was how quickly so many people dismissed not just the pod, but all the issues dealing with Flight 175. And the logic of it all is what I am seeking. I thought I might be missing something, so I tried to get aboard the logic train of those who responded in the thread, and it got me thinking. I am fairly certain everyone here agrees that the World Trade Center was brought down by controlled demolition, or bombs if you prefer that term. Which brings me to my first stop on the logic train and a few questions as well. If they brought down the World Trade Center with bombs which had to have been pre-planted, then why the planes? Why even use planes? And for the life of me I cannot get into the minds of those replying in this thread, so I was forced to ask myself some more questions. Do these people think that that plane was Flight 175? And if so, do they believe that Hijackers were at the controls? You see this doesn’t make sense to me at all. Do they believe the people were gassed and the planes taken over by remote control and flown into the WTC? Or do they perhaps believe there were “no planes” on 911? A carefully crafted media hoax?

I know better than to believe you guys here buy into the “no planes” routine. So I scratched that off my list. Which left more questions. Do they believe that this was Flight 175? Or perhaps a Military Drone? I guess it could be either, as the only thing I was able to perceive is a disdain for the ‘pod.’ So I followed a train of logic. I know they brought down the buildings by explosives, and it is apparent they did it from the Top down. And not coincidently, right about the area where the planes struck, is where the WTC started to crumble first. On each tower. Which brings us back to the first question. Why did they use the planes? I am confident most people here already assume that the planes had nothing to do with the demise of the World Trade Center. But I could be wrong on this. Maybe some here believe that the jet fuel fires created by the planes actually had something to do with the towers demise. But I doubt this as well.

Now after reading many posts here I can see most people do not believe that Hijackers hijacked any of the four planes on 911. I have yet to find a post which subscribe to the Hijacker theory as being a sound piece of evidence. But lets say for argument sake that there was Hijackers, and that they pulled off what we would consider the impossible, simultaneously hijacking 4 aircraft at roughly the same time. Do the people who have so much disdain for the pod believe that the hijackers piloted the aircraft into the World Trade Center? Maybe I missed it, but haven’t found a single post to suggest that any here believe such a thing. But lets say that the Hijackers were at the controls. Could they have piloted the aircraft into the World Trade Center in the exact place where bombs had been placed to take down the towers? And if so, who planted the bombs? You see, the logic train here just doesn’t work and something has to give. But following the previous train of logic, are we to expect that the 19 hijackers gave themselves up and killed themselves for what is basically an American government plot? And that though they had no piloting abilities, were able to not just simply hit the World Trade Center, but hit it in the exact place where the explosives would so soon take it down? As well as be willing to expend their lives for an American inside job? It sounds absurd when written down like this, does it not? So I then checked the forums to see if I could find anyone who believes that the Hijackers were working together with the U.S. Government in this plot, and I came up dry. For the most part all I saw is that most of you believe they were patsies in some manner or another.

I guess this leads us back to question #1. Why did they use the planes? We all know that the buildings started to fall from the top down. Was it because of the raging Jet Fuel fires? Or from Explosives? Or even a combination of the two? Again, I couldn’t find anyone here on the forums, not even one single person who believes the Trade Centers came down because of raging jet fuel fires. Rather everyone here subscribes to the ‘Explosives’ theory, as do I. Which again brings us back to that pesky question. Why did they use planes? Apparently they used aircraft for a cover story and plausible deniability for why the Towers fell. Looking backwards we can see they had a ‘cover story’ all ready to go, and it is the ‘Jet Fuel’ theory. That the Jet Fuel caused such raging fires that it weakened the steel columns, and the Buildings could no longer bear their load, and hence the collapse. That of course combined with damage done to the buildings by the planes impacts themselves. And we all know this to be true in hindsight, as thats the explanation were we all given, even before “experts” could weigh in on the matter.

So we have an answer now on why they used the planes. They used them for a cover story and a plausible reason to give the public on why the towers fell. But this leaves us with the other questions still unanswered. Who piloted the planes? Was it the Hijackers? Or perhaps you believe the people were all gassed and the planes flown remotely. As a pilot and knowing how tricky these larger commercial aircraft are to handle and steer, I think we can safely rule out they were flown by the Hijackers. I also think it is safe to assume that these aircraft weren’t piloted by the actual pilots themselves. Which leaves us with only two possibilities on these questions. That the people were gassed and the planes taken over remotely, thus basically a drone aircraft, or that a simple Military Drone was the actual plane which slammed into the world Trade Center. Thats all that left on the table at this point. It is either one or the other. And it cannot be both. Thus either way, in essence, we are stuck with, as the only possibility being these planes were drones. But what kind of Drones were they? Lets examine the two possibilities.

1. The People were gassed, along with the Pilots and Flight crew. And once dead, the planes were remotely flown into each tower. The problem with this scenario is that all of the people wouldn’t fall unconscious at the same time. And a remote possibility that one of the passengers, having a medical condition might have their own air supply, and thus be able to use the airphones and alert authorities. An alert Stewardess might see whats happening and drop the air supply down, thus ruining the whole operation. Far too risky. And option #2 over rules this out as a possibility as well.

Now we must ask ourselves, if we are, by logic, down to a single scenario, this question:

Is there any evidence to suggest this was a Military Drone, or anything which might lead us to the conclusion that this was not Flight 175? Or that perhaps Flight 11 was a Military Drone? Well, lets examine the evidence and see.

Just before Flight 11 smashed into the North Tower, there is a bright explosive event. The important thing here is it happens BEFORE impact.

Picture 1A

This can only be one of 3 things.

1. Explosives going off in the WTC before impact
2. Explosives going off because the ‘Hijackers’ are pressing the button too soon
3. A missile or incendiary device being ejected from the Plane. (This is what Paul Joseph Watson believes it is)

Before I continue, I want to point out that this is prime evidence or proof of a 911 conspiracy. We could stop right here, if it is proof we are looking for. It does not matter which of the three you choose. They all spell conspiracy. But let’s see if there is more evidence on Flight 175 which might suggest it is a Military Drone, as we have far more footage to examine than with Flight 11.

And since you all have an apparent disdain for the ‘pod’ then lets leave that till last.

Picture 1B

What is that white plug that is flying nose to nose with this aircraft? And just what causes that flash? Take a look yourselves, the flash is at least 8-10 feet away from the plane, and is so bright it illuminates the entire side of the aircraft. Notice how the bright orange flash is not present until that white plug disappears. The best counter argument to date on what this is, is that it is a ‘static discharge.’ As a Pilot myself, all I can say is ‘Static Discharge’ is nonsense. Now read this quote I got from the front page of Phil Jayhan called a lot of Congressman’s offices, and spoke to many people. Here is a quote which says it all in a nice short sentence or so.

Click Here for Part II

Click Above Image for Part II


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New video delivers the goods about government’s false 9/11 Pentagon story – John Kaminski


Jack Whites 911 Studies


Now We Know for Sure They Lied about 9/11

By John Kaminski

Reposted by: Phil Jayhan, February 21st, 2007

Original Link:


New video delivers the goods about government’s false 9/11 Pentagon story

I challenge anyone to watch the new 911 In Plane Site video and still believe the government’s story that a jet airliner full of passengers hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. It simply can’t be done. I’ll bet anyone any amount of anything that they just can’t do it.

Utilizing footage from TV networks — often stuff that was shown only one time and never seen again — the Power Hour radio show’s Dave Von Kleist methodically provides proof positive that the government lied about what happened in Washington on that fateful day, an event that was the culmination of the greatest sneak attack in American history.

The damning images of flames raging inside the Pentagon behind an unbroken wall with many unbroken windows and an unbroken roof line clearly demonstrates that whatever caused the explosion and fire inside America’s most secure building, coupled with no significant trace of airplane wreckage at any time during the disaster, was no giant airliner.

It wasn’t until long after the fire began that the roof finally collapsed, and even then, the hole that was created in no way resembles the ghastly imprint two other jets left when they struck the World Trade Center towers in New York City mere minutes before.

What this means for the American people is that the story President Bush, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, and all those other government officials told the world that day is a lie, a gigantic and bald-faced lie.

A hijacked airliner never hit the Pentagon, and this film proves it. As VonKleist, who both wrote and produced this masterpiece, asks in the film, “How does a plane 125 feet wide and 155 feet long fit into a hole which is only 16 feet across?”

Since day one, the only thing that every single, skeptical 9/11 researcher has ever wanted during all the research they have undertaken during the past three years is one single, irrefutable fact that could disprove the government’s blatant lie. Because proving one lie means their whole story is false. One provable lie means 9/11 is not what they said it was.

This is the film that does it. And this is a development in the 9/11 story that no one in America or the world can afford to ignore.

Indictments and arrests should begin immediately based on this film alone. Top members of the government lied about what happened. This is a statement that can no longer be challenged as false. It is now up to American law enforcement officials to act in this matter, or the American people will realize our leaders are allowed the break the law, and the laws no longer apply to them.

And the Pentagon revelation is only the start of this remarkable film, a 70-minute documentary that delves into only four major aspects of Sept. 11.

Having viewed this film with two relatives who did believe the government’s story prior to viewing, I interpreted the ashen looks on their faces as a valid testament to the movie’s power. Before seeing it, they basically believed what they’d heard on TV about what happened on 9/11. Afterwards, they both told me that they no longer did.

After the Pentagon segment, Von Kleist turns his attention to the plume, a giant puff of smoke that rises from the base of the Twin Towers PRIOR to their collapse. Although Von Kleist doesn’t say so (and doesn’t really make any conclusions in his objective presentation of film fact), the viewer is left to contemplate whether this was the explosion that brought down the towers. A great clip of firemen describing how the buildings were demolished leaves viewers with that distinct impression.

The most controversial aspect of the film, one which led me and other potential reviewers to express reservations about the film before we’d actually seen it, was the inclusion of material from Phil Jayhan’s website, the most astounding aspect of which is footage that shows both jetliners appearing to fire missiles at the towers in the instant before impact.

It simply sounded too preposterous. It sounded as untenable as the hologram theory. Many of us worried it was deliberate disinformation, designed to destroy the 9/11 skeptics movement.

You need to see it. Four different people with four different cameras recorded it. I am no photographic expert. I can’t tell you when a film has been tampered with or when it hasn’t. I can only tell you what I saw. It looks real, and the patient pacing of Von Kleist’s explanation will make it most difficult for you to deny what you are seeing.

Click Here for Part II

Click Above Image for Part II


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Jack Whites Pentagon Studies Showing Obvious Photo Fakes and Manipulations


Jack Whites 911 Studies


Jack Whites Photo Studies

Posted by: Phil Jayhan

February 16th, 2007

This is an excellent website, and Jack White has some extremely interesting discoveries he has made in studying the Pentagon photos that were released by the Government. He has found many inconsistencies and outright manipulation of the photographs, which reveal what is becoming obvious to tens of thousands of new people each day, that 911 was engineered by factions of the U.S. Federal Government.

Each day I am going to add 3 to 4 new photo-studies from Jacks website, so eventually they are mirrored here, lest his excellent work and research ever be lost, as well as enlightening many of you to his outstanding work and contributions to 911.

I am certain you will be just as surprised by some of the anomalies and outright tampering with the original photographs. My own conclusion after reviewing these photographs is that they were complied from many years of Pentagon MASCAL (Mass Casualty) exercises. To me it is the easiest possible explanation for some of the oddities you are about to observe.

As a Truth Seeker, I hope you enjoy Jack Whites Photo studies as much as I have, as they point to an obvious Conspiracy within not just the Pentagon, but the entire Federal Government. There are some within the 911 “Movement” who have said this is bad evidence, and to stop looking or holding to any of the obvious proofs of conspiracy found here in the Pentagon’s own photographs and video evidence. While these people might be sincere in their motives, it is also possible that there is so much 911 proof of an inside job that they are attempting to whittle down the evidence pool into an easier to control spread of information. The U.S. Government has backed itself into the corner regarding the official story of 911, and as you will shortly see, the Pentagon is but a single aspect which shows strong evidences and proof of a 911 conspiracy within the U.S Government.


Jack Whites Introduction to his 911 Pentagon Studies

Jack Whites 911 Pentagon Studies - 1


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Click Here for Part II

Click Here for Part II



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Candle Light Vigil for Dan Wallace – Friday, 2/16/2007, at 1PM

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Friday Feb 16, 2007
at 1:00 AM


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Show your condolences for the late Dan Wallace!

Note: Ethan started this as a Myspace Event, but wanted to extend it all through the Internet, so that all can take part in this candle light vigil, and show Solidarity to one of us, who died of suspicious circumstances, and perhaps was murdered. So please post this to your websites as well!

::In Memory of Dan Wallace::
One of our most prominate, courageous and dedicated young members of NY911Truth and CHANGE, Dan Wallace is no longer with us. Dan’s father Robert Wallace gave his life on 9/11/01, leaving Dan with many unanswered questions about 9/11. Dan was an ardent activist who showed no fear when confronted by police at street actions at WTC Building 7 and at the New York Stock Exchange. Dan was an eloquent speaker, both on videos of the street actions and at St. Mark’s Church, where he gave a moving ovation before a packed crowd in a recent Sunday night presentation. Dan Wallace, 23, was found dead early Monday morning in his bed. The exact cause of death is yet to be determined.

He was a young man of great conviction and conscience, and his heart was as big as his smile. Dan will be sorely missed by myself and the members of “We Are Change,” as well as all of us in the New York 911 Truth organization. Our hearts go out to his family, especially his mother who must endure the deaths of a husband and child in the span of only a few years.

We carry on the fight in the memory of Dan Wallace. He is in our hearts now, as his Dad has been in our hearts already. We continue the mission that Dan felt so strongly about: to strive to expose the truth of 911, and to bring the real 911 criminals to justice. Dan, you are with us, we’ll never forget you, and we promise to make you proud.” -Luke Rudkowski, close friend of Dan Wallace

We are asking everyone on February 16th thru the weekend to replace their default pic with a candle in memory of Dan Wallace.

“snopsnitchin”, a member of the Loose Change forums, made a candle graphic to be used for this event.

Starting February 16th, we ask you to replace your default pic with this candle:

Along with this, we would like you to add (RIP Dan Wallace) to the end of your display name.We thank everyone who participates in remembering a dedicated and courageous member of this movement.

If you have any questions, please send me a message on my profile. Ethan / Myspace

Amics 21 – 911 Website – Flight 175 Rebuttals

Amics 21 Spanish 911 Website

Original link:

I can’t imagine why, but some people are spending considerable time and effort in trying to knock the investigative work done by La Vanguardia’s reporters. Basically the argument used is that these are merely “specular highlights”, i.e. the bright morning sun shining on the fuselage. It’s all pretty flash Popular Mechanics kind of stuff but completely misses the point of the contour detection analysis done by the Escola Universitaria Politécnica de Mataró.

This study, as the name indicates, identifies contours. In other words, it locates “specular highlights” and then checks for any corresponding shadows! Any shadow produced by a highlight would be evidence of a protrusion. This, indeed, is what the university report shows.

Furthermore, the shadows seen here are not produced by the wing fairings, as these are relatively flat and horizontal. Given the angle of the plane, both wing fairings should be fully illuminated and cast no shadows on the underside.


P.S. Spanish Intelligence?


Obviously the investigative report by La Vanguardia journalists has been having its effect. The people (one man and his fax machine?) at have been having a good old time slagging off sites such as this one and, Let’,, etc., for passing off fuzzy adulterated pictures. We’re now called “Pod people”. Looks like we’re down on this black list as purportedly being in cahoots with “Spanish intelligence services”. Wrong country Mark, “Sali al-Ioli and Luigi bin Liner [formerly of MI6] working the Kasbah for You”.

In any case, the investigative reports by La Vanguardia journalists were published in June and July of 2003, when Spain was part of the Coalition of the Bribed, I doubt that “Spanish intelligence services” would work against their own government.

There are a couple of rebuttals I would like to make:

“Sloppy manipulation using Photoshop”

The pictures are what NBC, ABC, CNN and others broadcast on or close to the date.

“There’s no published photo evidence of these anomalies till 2 years after 9/11”

This is from Newsday on Sept. 12, 2001:

(See“The photos are low quality”

This used to be here (since gone, but saved a copy)

By the way, Carmen Taylor’s photo has won several photojournalism awards: “Arkansan’s Image Put Perspective On Attacks“, The Times Record, Fort Smith (Sept. 8, 2002).

And, of course, this one by Aaorn C. Traub (



Watch the Groundbreaking 911 Documentary, 911: In Plane Site – The Directors Cut Below:

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1984, George Orwell

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Der Zauberlehrling), Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Absolute Friends, John le Carré

Hyper links

9/11 Review 

The Incredible 9/11 Evidence we’ve All been Overlooking, Leonard Spencer

9/11 was a Hoax, John Kaminsky

Operation Pearl (long), A. K. Dewdney

Blix doubts on Iraq intelligence – BBC

Bush planned Iraq ‘regime change’ before becoming President, Neil Mackay

This war is not yet over, Jonathan Freedland

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September Eleventh Families For Peaceful Tomorrows

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